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FISH! Trainer Tools includes everything you’ll need to facilitate an on-going FISH! Experience.

From the facilitator guide and participant workbook to invitation, outlines, activities, and video footage, the new Fish! Trainer Tools will help you facilitate and bring Fish! to the next level in your organization!

Regardless of your level of expertise, this program can help you become an outstanding, experience-focused facilitator of The FISH! Philosophy and create momentum for change.

Whether you’ve been using Fish! as a meeting opener or in ongoing training sessions, Fish Trainer Tools gives you the ability to establish a long-lasting connection with your colleagues.


  • Save time and energy with customizable outlines for your FISH! event.
  • Meet the needs of facilitators, managers and participants through multiple learning styles.
  • Sustain long-term growth and change through supplementary materials.
  • Planning is made easy with all the materials provided!

Facilitator Guide

The Fish! Facilitator’s Guide is a complete guide to FISH! facilitation, including information on starting and sustaining cultural change, tools for managers, comprehensive event outlines, and proven facilitation techniques based on the Experience-Centered Model™.

The guide covers:

  • Find IT, Live IT, Coach IT - An introduction to our process for cultural change, including questions to get you started.
  • The Experience-Centered Model™ - A system of concepts, perspectives and skills that maximize the opportunity for participants to become fully engaged. Over 25 different group activities for you to use on an ongoing basis.
  • Event Preparation - A comprehensive guide that will set any facilitator up for success. From timelines and pre-event meetings with managers, to mental preparation, you’ll feel supported in every way.
  • Comprehensive Event Outlines Event - outlines (two and four hour) supported by tips, video footage, and notes to guide you. These outlines will help you create powerfully effective FISH! events.
  • Event Resources Customizable - invitations, event preparation forms, outlines, evaluations and extra activities with facilitator tips to make your event, yours.
  • Sustainability Resource Mini Kit - Manager tools, a journey map and conversations to keep the momentum and culture change alive!

Facilitator Examples DVD

As you follow the outline in the facilitator guide, you can watch over 25 brief videos featuring expert facilitators providing practical techniques and examples for leading FISH! events.

Event and Sustainability Tools CD

Customizable FISH! event PowerPoint slides and Word documents, along with PDFs of materials and activities for your ongoing use.

Participant Workbook

The Workbook is designed to use during your initial event, but is also filled with ideas, exercises and action planning for your ongoing use.

Activity Prop Samples

Props for events and ongoing support: one deck of Choose Your Attitude cards, one set of Let’s Make a Day dry-erase cards, and one package of Conversation Cards.

Trainer Tools Includes

  • Facilitator Examples DVD
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Event and Sustainability Tools CD
  • Participant Workbook
  • Activity Prop Samples

NOTE: The Trainer Tools program does not include the Fish! film. Please see special pricing below to order the Fish! video along with the Trainer Tools program.

Fish! DVD and Trainer Tools Combo Includes

Fish Complete Package containing:

  • 1 Fish DVD (17 Minutes)
  • Fish Leader's Guide
  • Fish Playbook
  • Fish Participant Workbook
  • Fish Accessories Sample Bundle

Complete Trainer Tools Pack including:

  • Facilitator Examples DVD
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Event and Sustainability Tools CD
  • Participant Workbook
  • Activity Prop Samples

Fish! Culture DVD and Trainer Tools Combo Includes

  • Fish! Culture (80 Minutes)
  • Fish! The Original Film (17 Minutes)
  • Fish! Leader’s Guide
  • Fish! Book on CD
  • Complete Trainer Tools including:
    - Facilitator Examples DVD
    - Facilitator Guide
    - Event and Sustainability Tools CD
    - Participant Workbook
    - Activity Prop Samples X

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