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TNT Dealing With Change - Full Preview

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Learn the skills to manage change and succeed through innovation with this DVD combo package as you learn from thought leaders like Tom Peters, Jennifer James, John Kotter, and Sam Glenn.  Save $1,283 over the individual DVD prices when you purchase The Change and Innovation Combo. Get six best selling DVDs on change for $995.

The Change Combo Package Includes:

  • Succeeding in a Changing World with John Kotter
  • TNT: Dealing with Change with Tom Peters
  • Change Can Be Good - Meeting Opener
  • Winning Through Innovation - Winning Coaches Series
  • When Change Happens Adjust Your Sail with Sam Glenn
  • Windows of Change with Jennifer James

Succeeding in a Changing World with John Kotter

Are you facing change in your industry? Do some of the members of your team resist change? How can your organization deal with the increasing pace of change?

In this award-winning video, best-selling business author and Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter, will help you understand change and illustrate how to succeed in a changing world. Through compelling real-life stories, you will learn how companies like Rockwell Collins, Berkshire Hathaway, and Southwest Airlines have been able to change and succeed. You will also hear how other organizations (Polaroid, and the US Labor Movement) have failed to meet the challenges of change.

TNT: Dealing with Change with Tom Peters

Is it possible to really change your external brand identity and your internal culture? Simply put, the answer is YES! In this entertaining and revealing case study, Tom Peters shows you how Turner Network Television was able to meet a huge competitive challenge. TNT had to change from a general entertainment network to a desired cable destination.

The TNT story will show you how to develop programs that allow co-workers and employees to understand change and to embrace it. More importantly, you will see how TNT used contests, reward ceremonies, and other programs to make the change an integral part of their culture.

Change Can Be Good - Meeting Opener

In this meeting opener, you will meet the "The Stapler Guy" who, despite his nightmare about the introduction of a new stapler, learns that change can be good! But you may have to give it a try first!

If you’re looking for a humorous meeting opener that will help people within your organization introduce a new policy, plan, team, or equipment then be sure to check out this funny and short program.

We know this video will make you laugh. It will also help alleviate the stress that often accompanies change.

Winning Through Innovation - Winning Coaches Series

Football’s winning coaches Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, and Bobby Bowden talk about how to create a culture of innovation in this fast-paced training program.

There are two options when using the Winning Through Innovation program: An 11-minute short cut version or and an extended 42-minute version. The 11-minute motivational short cut of Winning Through Innovation provides an overview and highlights seven key strategies for fostering a culture of innovation. The extended 42-minute is divided into 5 parts and contains an in-depth workbook with a step-by-step toolkit for understanding the key strategy for developing a culture of innovation.

When Change Happens, Adjust Your Sail

Let’s face it, change is happening all around us and we all know that change can be very difficult for people to navigate. So how do you and your team manage change? How can you cope?

When Sam Glenn speaks about change, he uses the analogy of being on a small sailboat in the middle of a storm. Change is tossing us around and we need to adjust our sails to stay afloat.

Sam Glenn gives you tools to overcome challenges and you'll laugh as you and your team learn tools to navigate through change.

Windows of Change with Jennifer James

Jennifer James, is a cultural anthropologist, columnist, noted author and one of the top corporate speakers nationwide. In this program, Dr. James offers you a definition of change and gives you the tools to manage it. She explores natural responses to change such as fear, resistance and denial. Using a "window" analogy Jennifer James demonstrates the different phases of change. You will learn to be more confident when confronting change and taking risks.

Package Includes

  • Succeeding in a Changing World DVD (24 Minutes)
    - Leader's Guide
    - 10 Pocket Cards
  • TNT Dealing with Change DVD (14 Minutes)
    - TNT Dealing With Change Leader's Guide
  • Change Can Be Good DVD (3 Minutes)
  • Winning Through Innovation DVD (11 & 42 Minutes)
    - Winning Through Innovation Guide
  • When Change Happens, Adjust Your Sail DVD (22 Minutes)
    - When Change Happens, Adjust Your Sail Guide
  • Windows of Change DVD (25 Minutes)
    - Windows of Change Guide X

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