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See Excellence in action and gain insights from Tom Peters, Shawn Achor, and Bob Waterman.   Save $1,960 over the individual DVD prices with The Business Excellence Combo Package.  You get five best-selling DVDs on excellence for $995!

Includes these top-selling Business Excellence training programs:

  • In Search of Excellence with Tom Peters
  • The Excellence Files
  • The Little BIG Things: Excellence
  • Social Investment
  • Passion for Excellence

In Search of Excellence with Tom Peters

The In Search of Excellence DVD is one of the all time classic training films. In the In Search of Excellence DVD training program Tom Peters is your host and guide for a far-ranging, behind-the-scenes investigation of phenomenally successful organizations. In the boardrooms, think tanks and training centers of a wide range of the world’s best-run companies, you’ll see how "Quality" and "Customer Service" have truly become a way of life. Motivate your employees to be more innovative, responsive and committed than ever before!

Some of the companies profiled in the In Search of Excellence training DVD include Disney, Stew Leonard’s, Apple, 3M, McDonald’s, and more.

The Excellence Files

Pick up where "In Search of Excellence" left off. "The Excellence Files" gives you insights into what smart companies are doing to meet the changes and challenges of the future.  In this award winning program, you'll learn about service, empowerment, innovation, change, and more.

Companies profiled include Rubbermaid, USAA, Coca Cola, and Whole Foods Market.

Excellence Segment from The Little BIG Things

The Little BIG Things: Excellence contains sixteen video clips from Tom Peters on the topic of Excellence. This is one of Tom’s favorite words and you will find out why through his insightful observations of the business world and the people who have made it successful. Every employee in your organization can benefit from Tom’s thoughts in this program.

Social Investment

Many people tend to keep to themselves when faced with stress. However, this is one of the worst things you can do! The best predictor of happiness is social support. Capitalizing on social relationships actually increases happiness and productivity.

Social Investment will teach you how to use your social support to get you through stressful situations.

Passion for Excellence

In A Passion for Excellence, Tom Peters describes and illustrates how successful organizations create and sustain their competitive edge.

From chicken to grocery stores, airlines to pizza, textiles to the City of Baltimore, Tom discusses how care of customers, constant innovation, and reliance on creative contributions from all hands mark each enterprise. Even where "it can’t be done" - in down-and-out industries and big bureaucracies – distinguished performance is achieved, the clear result of superb leadership. In this classic best-selling program, Tom Peters highlights the creative methods and accomplishments of some of these “hang tough, never-say-die” individuals.

Package Includes

  • In Search of Excellence DVD (88 Minutes)
  • Excellence Files DVD (88 Minutes)
    - Workbook
  • The Little BIG Things: Excellence DVD (52 Minutes)
    - Workbook
  • Social Investment DVD (6 Minutes)
    - Workbook
  • Passion for Excellence DVD (63 Minutes)
    - Workbook X

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