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In Search of Quality Volume 1 - Part 1

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The Series, hosted by In Search of Excellence co-author Robert H. Waterman, Jr., contains 2 volumes focused on quality.

In Volume 1 Quality Through People you’ll visit the Wallace corporation to learn how they improved quality and customer service.

In Volume 2 Quality Through Systems you’ll learn how Motorola developed it’s quality program and set the initial standard of Six Sigma.

In Search of Quality - Series

  • Volume 1 - Quality Through People (63 Minutes)
  • Volume 2 - Quality Through Systems (66 Minutes)

In Search of Quality Volume 1: Quality Through People


Go on location to Wallace corporation and see how they improved quality, customer service and won the Malcolm Baldrige Award.

Quality Through People looks at the important role that the employees of the Wallace Company, a Malcolm Baldrige Award Winner, played in stimulating a quality-based corporate turnaround.

Wallace changed from a rigid hierarchical organization into a model of teamwork and personal empowerment. Discover how Wallace employees dedicate themselves to this vision each and every day.

Key Learning Points

  • Empower people to solve problems
  • Learn how leadership affects quality
  • Build customer/supplier relationships
  • Observe quality meetings in actio

In Search of Quality Volume 2: Quality Through Systems

Quality through Systems looks at Motorola, a Malcolm Baldrige Award Winner. Motorola’s most ambitious renewal strategy to date: total customer satisfaction through improved quality.

The company’s five-year goal, Six Sigma, translates into reduced cycle time and near-zero defect quality - 99.9998% perfection. You will see how Motorola is meeting the challenge of Six Sigma through an innovative mix of company wide internal measurement systems, customer and supplier input, training, and quality leadership.

Key Learning Points

  • Teach employees to gain ownership in the quality program
  • Understand the importance of a reduction in defects
  • Watch the total quality process in action X

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