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a short film by BJ Gallagher

Differences is a short program created to help people explore and discuss their own differences through the “voices” of dogs.

Written and produced by BJ Gallagher, coauthor of the best–selling diversity classic, A Peacock in the Land of Penguins, this new video begins by exploring our differences… and ends by discovering how much we have in common.

“Both differences and similarities are important. Differences give us each unique skills and talents to contribute, and similarities give us common ground on which to build success.”

Differences affect everything we do in organizational life - teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, leadership, and customer service.

How we regard differences is a major factor in problem-solving and innovation, strategic planning, and our ability to both anticipate and respond to a rapidly changing world.

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  • Differences DVD (4 Minutes)
  • Trainer Message
  • 4 Training Activities
  • Transcript X

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