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The Art of Assertiveness

The ability to speak up in an effective, assertive manner is a mandatory skill for all employees in a quality organization. John Cleese shows how to master the techniques of assertive behavior in a series of settings.

First, we see how submissive behavior and hesitancy can cause a person's point of view to be ignored. As rights are neglected, resentment builds to the point where people lose their confidence and become de-motivated.

Aggressive behavior is no better. People do not respond positively when bullied or treated like doormats. Aggressors may appear to get their way, but they do not win cooperation, only indignation.

Between submission and aggression is a balance point: assertiveness. The basic rule of assertive behavior is to be honest with oneself and with other people, without indulging in emotional comments. Honesty makes communication possible because it helps reveal what other people think.

It is also vital to decide what is negotiable and what is not. Repeating the position, while trying to be helpful and inviting others to assist in solving the problem, makes it clear that the negotiation is between equals. As Straight Talking shows, assertive behavior does not guarantee success. But it does give people the best chance of arriving at a mutually satisfactory solution and laying the groundwork for a good working relationship in the future.

Key Learning Points

  • Be honest about what is relevant
  • Establish a bottom line of negotiation
  • Use the Instant Replay technique
  • Be helpful
  • Invite others to help solve problems
  • Negotiate as equals
  • Particularly suitable for junior management, sales and purchasing personnel
  • The key lessons are explained by a presenter and illustrated by realistic action sequences in a variety of situations
  • Dramatic sequences and subtle humor deliver the messages in a powerful, convincing fashion

Package Includes

  • DVD (27 Minutes)
  • CD-ROM containing
    - Leader's Guide
    - Delegate Worksheets
    - PowerPoint Slides
    - Self-study Workbook X

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