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Give ‘Em the Pickle - Full Preview

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Bob Farrell's PICKLE Training Programs

If you thought that Give ’em the Pickle! was great on its own, just wait until you experience it bundled together with our two other pickle videos: What’s Your Pickle? and Leadership Pickles!

Together, these three videos are the perfect way to integrate the Pickle Principles into your organization. Soon, your whole team will be laughing their way to better service as they learn to take care of their customers.

The Give'Em the Pickle Training DVDs include the following programs:

  • Give'em the Pickle
  • What's Your Pickle?
  • Leadership Pickles!

Give em the PICKLE! (18 Minutes)

Your business is not what you sell, it’s who you serve. So... Give`em the PICKLE!

PICKLES are those special or extra things you do to make people happy. It’s a hand written thank you note with every order shipped. It's walking the customer to the item they're looking for rather than pointing... or maybe it's simply calling them by name. The trick is figuring out what your customers want and then making sure they get it. That’s the message behind Give`em the PICKLE!

Highly entertaining and motivational, the Give`em the PICKLE! video will inspire management and employees to do the most important thing they can do in business...take care of the customer.

Give ’em the PICKLE Training Video Key Learning Points

  • Service Make serving others your #1 Priority. You work in a noble profession, be proud of what you do.
  • Attitude Choose your Attitude. How you think about your customers, is how you will treat them.
  • Consistency Set high standards, and stick to them. Customers return because they like what happened last time.
  • Teamwork Look for ways to make each other look good. In the end, everything ends up in front of the customer!

INCLUDES: 1 Give'em The Pickle! Video, 1 Give ’em the Pickle! Hardback Book, 10 Pocket Cards, 10 Pickle Lapel Pins, 1 Pickle Jar Sticky Note Pad, 1 Pickle Sticky Note Pad, 1 PowerPoint Presentation, 1 58-page Leader's Guide CD-Rom w/ Handouts

What's Your Pickle? (17 Minutes)

Bob Farrell is back!

...and he's more entertaining than ever. This time he hits the road in a fun-filled search for the secrets of the "world-class pickle givers". You'll love the stories and truths he discovers!

"If you look and you listen, your customers will tell you what your pickle is."

Bob's boundless energy makes it feel like he’s there LIVE in your meeting! His contagious enthusiasm will inspire your service providers and help them refine their Pickle-giving skills. Be sure to join Bob in this engaging new video as he inspires your team to connect with their customers and Give ‘em the Pickle!

Here are four great ways to determine What’s Your Pickle?

  • Connect with your customers.
  • Anticipate what they'll need next.
  • Delight your customers.
  • Inspire yourself and others

INCLUDES: What's Your Pickle? video, 1 Leader’s Guide (on CD-ROM), 1 PowerPoint Presentation, Pickle Progress Chart & Pickle Bucks (on CD-ROM), 10 Green Pickle Lapel Pins, 1 Pickle Jar Sticky Note Pad, 1 Pickle Sticky Note Pad, 3 Travel Postcards, 10 Pocket Reminder Cards

Leadership Pickles (16 Minutes)

What defines a leader? According to Bob Farrell...

"Leaders are those who SERVE the people who SERVE the customer."

What Bob Farrell did for customer service in the runaway hit Give'em the PICKLE!, he's doing again for leadership with The Leadership Pickles! The Leadership Pickles! combines Bob’s passion for serving others with powerful leadership stories to create a memorable and motivating message for leaders of all kinds.

Just as customers need pickles - those special things you do for them to keep them coming back - your employees need their pickles too. They want and need certain things from you as their leader. If they get them, they’ll follow you and achieve great things. If they don’t get their leadership pickles, their belief and respect for you as a leader may begin to slip. The Leadership Pickles! will inspire you to give your employees their leadership pickles!

You give out Leadership Pickles when you...

  • Spread Enthusiasm
  • Inspire Confidence
  • Demonstrate Integrity

INCLUDES: 1 The Leadership Pickles! Video, 1 Leader’s Guide on CD-Rom, 5 Green Pickle Lapel Pins, 1 Gold Pickle Lapel Pin, 10 Pocket Reminder Cards, 1 Pickle Jar Sticky Note Pad, 1 Pickle Sticky Note Pad, 1 PowerPoint Presentation, 1 Bonus "FARRELL’S FLUBS" bloopers!, 1 Meeting Opener/Closer "FARRELL’S FAVORITES", 1 Pickle Jar Sticky Note Pad

The Pickle Bundle Includes:

Give ’em The Pickle!

  • Give'em The Pickle! DVD (18 Minutes)
  • Give'em the Pickle! Hardback Book
  • 10 Pocket Cards
  • 10 Pickle Lapel Pins
  • 1 Pickle Jar Sticky Note Pad
  • 1 PowerPoint Presentation
  • 1 58-page Leader’s Guide (on CD-ROM)
  • Reproducible Handouts (on CD-ROM)

What's Your Pickle?

  • What's Your Pickle? DVD (17 Minutes)
  • Leader's Guide (on CD-ROM)
  • 1 PowerPoint Presentation
  • Pickle Progress Chart (on CD-ROM)
  • Pickle Bucks (on CD-ROM)
  • 10 Green Pickle Lapel Pins
  • 1 Pickle Jar Sticky Note Pad
  • 3 Travel Postcards
  • 10 Pocket Reminder Cards

Leadership Pickles!

  • Leadership Pickles! DVD (16 Minutes)
  • Leader's Guide (on CD-ROM)
  • 5 Green Pickle Lapel Pins
  • 1 Gold Pickle Lapel Pin
  • 10 Pocket Reminder Cards
  • 1 Pickle Jar Sticky Note Pad
  • 1 PowerPoint Presentation
  • 1 Bonus "FARRELL'S FLUBS" bloopers!
  • 1 Meeting Opener/Closer "FARRELL'S FAVORITES"

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