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Fish! - 12 Minute Trailer

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Catch the Energy. Release the Potential.

The Fish! Training Video is the absolute #1 best selling customer service training program in history. If you've been thinking about putting the Fish! Philosophy into action, this is the place to be!
This is your one-stop web page to find great values on Fish! or any of the other Fish! Philosophy family of training programs - all at a great value!

People watch FISH! once because it’s fun, but they watch it over and over again because its message is fundamental to improving your workforce and delighting customers. How you bring the many benefits of The FISH! Philosophy into your organization depends on what you want to achieve.

Introducing the Philosophy If you want to spark energy and enthusiasm, the FISH! film is a fun, motivating way to introduce the philosophy. You can also connect with the philosophy through any of the Fish Tales programs.

Sustaining Momentum Even a powerful idea such as FISH! needs a long-term commitment to keep the energy alive and ensure a lasting impact. FISH! Culture, Trainer Tools and FISH! Sticks will help you plant The FISH! Philosophy in your culture and build deep, strong roots.

Leadership To support the energized culture you are building, leadership alignment is essential. Because leaders set the tone, they must first model the behaviors they seek in their teams. We offer a personal development program, LeaderFISH!, to help you build the relationship skills that increase trust, teamwork and accountability.

Fish Culture Training Program

  Fish! and Fish! Culture Combo

The FISH! training program gets people thinking, in a way they never imagined, about what is possible at work and gives them tools to bring energy and passion to their jobs. This combo pack includes the Fish! film and Fish! Culture, a step-by-step 10 unit learning program that will have a lasting impact on the overall culture of your organization.

The leader’s guide and personal workbook are greatly enhanced in order to provide you with additional information in Fish! Culture. This package contains more group exercises, more questions for discussion and more Fish! It is designed to give you enough material to train your employees for a year!

The Fish! and Fish! Culture Combo Pack includes:

Fish Complete Package

  • 1 Fish DVD (17 Minutes)
  • Fish Leader's Guide
  • Fish Playbook
  • Fish Participant Workbook
  • Fish Accessories Sample Bundle

Fish Culture containing:

  • Fish! Culture (80 Minutes)
  • Fish! Culture Facilitator’s Guide
  • Fish! Culture Audio Companion
  • Fish! Culture Personal Workbook

Now, with FISH! Culture you can experience a deeper exploration of how the four simple practices – Be There, Play, Make Their Day, Choose Your Attitude – can make a big difference in your company!

Fish Trainer Tools Facilitator Pack

  Fish Trainer Tools Facilitator Pack

The Fish Trainer Tools Facilitator Pack includes all of the resources you need to create the same powerful learning experiences as the FISH! facilitators do but for a fraction of the cost. You get to watch real facilitators actually training people on the Fish! Philosophy. The Trainer Tools program will enhance your delivery of the Fish! and create a lasting impression on your trainees.

The Fish! Facilitator’s Guide and participant workbook are greatly expanded for the Fish! training points in this combo package. This combo package provides you with all the necessities to have your employees talking, walking and living the Fish Philosophy!

Fish Trainer Tools Facilitator Pack $1349.00

Fish Complete Package

  • 1 Fish DVD (17 Minutes)
  • Fish Leader's Guide
  • Fish Playbook
  • Fish Participant Workbook
  • Fish Accessories Sample Bundle

Complete Trainer Tools Pack including:

  • Facilitator Examples DVD
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Event and Sustainability Tools CD
  • Participant Workbook
  • Activity Prop Samples

FISH! Trainer Tools gives you the outlines, PowerPoint, exercises and DVD examples to plan and deliver your organization’s FISH! Training.

Fish Training Video

  The Complete Fish!

Seattle’s world-famous Pike Place Fish Market is an otherwise ordinary fish market that’s extraordinarily successful. The work is hard and the hours are long—yet these employees make a personal choice to bring amazing passion, playfulness, commitment and a positive attitude to work every day. This is the exciting—and extremely entertaining—basis of the FISH! movie.

Now, like thousands of other organizations worldwide, including Saturn, Sprint and Southwest Airlines, you too can tap into the secrets of creating a super-satisfying work environment and even more delighted customers.

The Complete Fish! Pack $949

  • 1 Fish DVD (17 Minutes)
  • Fish Leader's Guide
  • Fish Playbook
  • Fish Participant Workbook
  • Fish Accessories Sample Bundle

The bottom line? FISH! has created a new vocabulary that won’t just change how you view work, it just may change your entire view on life!

Fish! Tales Series

  Fish! Tales Series

If you want to see how real companies really use the Fish! Philosophy then you need to see these programs. The Fish! Tales Series is now available on one DVD and can add great value to employee training.

Sprint’s management had to step back and let the process evolve and they became a customer service based organization while Aspen Skiing experienced phenomenal growth and improved employee satisfaction. Tile Tech had reduced safety issues and improved teamwork while Rochester Ford had a surge of new energy and sales! Missouri Baptist Medical Center learned how to support each other and their attitudes in the most difficult situations.

In case study style, you will see examples of their own training sessions, comments from the managers and feedback from the employees.

Fish Tales Series $1099

  • Building Trust (12 Minutes)
  • Jump Start (12 Minutes)
  • Peak Experience (9 Minutes)
  • Sprint (4 Minutes)
  • Vital Signs (18 Minutes)

Invite The FISH! Philosophy into your own organization and you’ll have your own Tales to tell. Each purchase includes one DVD containing all 5 films, along with a conversation guide for Building Trust, Peak Experience, Jump Start, and Vital Signs.

Fish Video Download

  Fish! Video Online

You can now have your favorite Fish! training program delivered over the web for those impromptu meetings or remote employees.

Both Fish! and Fish! Sticks are available for 3 day licenses for $249.00. This is unlimited viewing for 3 full days! 

Fish Videos - Streaming Options

  • Fish! Video $249
  • Fish! Sticks Video $249

You will need Windows Media player 9.0 or higher and a high speed internet connection. This is a great way to delivery Fish! to your remote employees or add a Fish!  to your upcoming meeting.

Fish Stuff

  Fish! Stuff

You want it – we got it! Fish! STUFF! You know, all that STUFF that makes your Fish! Training program a huge hit with your employees! Studies have shown that physical reminders are a great way to maintain the energy and value of your training.

Note: You must own one of the Fish! videos to purchase these items!

Fish Pack

  Fish! Pack

Everything you need for your next meeting!

Fish! Pack $49

  • 4 Pack Stuffed Squeezy Fish named "Pete the Perch"
  • 4 Pack Pens
  • 4 Pack Fish! Magnets
  • 1 Tote Bag

Fish Rewards and Recognition Pack

  Fish! Rewards and Recognition Pack Limited Quantity - While Supplies Last

Keep the energy alive long after the meeting! Use these certificates and other items to reward exemplary performance of the Fish Philosophy.

Fish! Rewards and Recognition Pack $20

  • 1 Pack of 25 Recognition Certificates
  • 1 Pack of 4 Lapel Pins
  • 1 Our Workplace Poster

For more information or to preview any of these programs please visit the Fish Philosophy Training Section of our web site. X

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Yes, we do still include a popcorn package with each DVD purchase. It’s our way of saying "thank you" for being our customer! X

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