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Training Triggers are short programs (1-2 minute meeting openers) with ideas to jump start conversations on critical workplace issues.

This series contains 2 retaliation videos; Part 1: He’s Picking On Me and Part 2: I’m Afraid You Have No Future in This Company.

In He’s Picking On Me, the story begins with a team leader becoming the target of complaints from the team’s only female employee.

Following discussion and training, show I’m Afraid You Have No Future in This Company, which is a continuation of the story.

Part 1 - He’s Picking On Me (1 Minute)

Complaints from the only female on the team, an African-American, are all work related and focus on her team leader. "He has it in for me."

Is the female team member who is out for retaliation actually experiencing harassment or imagining it? How can a manager know for certain who to believe? And what immediate actions are in order? This Training Trigger generates a great deal of discussion about the legal and management issues of harassment charges made by one employee against another. What would the viewers do in this situation? What management actions are in order?
Part 2 - I’m Afraid You Have No Future in This Company (1 Minute)

The manager is on the verge of terminating the same female employee. But, the employee repeats charges that her team leader has it in for her and adds racial overtones. "Get your black butt in gear."

Was the manager acting within the law when he determined the appropriate course of action was termination of the female employee? And what should he do when the employee raises the stakes by playing the race card? What additional information, if any, is needed before taking action?

This short video uncovers multiple topics of discussion and discovery for its viewers, especially retaliation. Like all Training Triggers, a deep desire to fully understand a manager’s options is generated in viewers. X

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