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Other Side of the Window - Trailer

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Providing Exceptional Service in Government

Spend the day with a hapless customer as he experiences life on the other side of the window. You'll discover, as he does, that seeking help from public sector customer service representatives is often no picnic.

And what makes it worse, and ultimately more poignant for him, is that he himself is a government worker! Teach government workers how to be flexible and make citizens happy without breaking the rules.

Other Side of the Window illustrates how bureaucratic systems and procedures, however necessary to workflow, can get in the way of providing the level of service - and respect - the public requires.

It's a valuable journey into attitudes and assumptions, a realistic look at the day-to-day public sector workplace that is full of customers anxious about the help they need and well-meaning CSRs hampered by inflexible rules.


  • Teaches government workers service basics
  • Ensures customers are respected
  • Shows the importance of empathy

In addition to the vignettes that take place in government office settings with actual service windows, there is a supplemental service scenario that demonstrates the need for good government customer service in the field.

Key Learning Points

  • It's possible to apply flexibility and common sense so that working by the book doesn't preclude satisfying the customer.
  • Behind every voice on the phone is a human being with real needs and concerns.
  • Most people seeking help from government agencies are addressing serious issues and empathy goes a long way.
  • Every customer should be treated with the same degree of courtesy and respect, no matter what the circumstances.

Purchase Includes

  • DVD with Meeting Opener, Closer, and Discussion Segments
  • Leader's Guide
  • 10 Reminder Cards

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