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Bringing Your Values to Life

New from the people who brought you Fish!

Effective organizations don’t just put their values into a document. They put their values into action.

In this new video learning program, It’s a Way Not a Day, you’ll learn how one organization anchors its values into the hearts and minds of its employees—resulting in 98% customer satisfaction and 97% employee retention.

Your values are the beliefs that guide your actions. It’s these moment-to-moment choices that determine how well you achieve your long-term goals.

Lots of organizations develop values statements. Some set aside a special day to make a major announcement so everyone is clear on what we believe in. But too often, once the big day is over and we settle back into our routines, “our values” are rarely at the center of our daily thoughts and conversations.

For values to make a difference, they can’t just be part of a one-time event. Whatever guides you, it has to be part of everything you do and every decision you make. It has to be a way, not a day.

It’s a Way Not a Day will show how to get clear on your values and live them more consistently. The key is three simple strategies that will help you bring your values alive:

Proclaim It

When you tell customers what you stand for, they expect it of you—and you expect it of yourself. What are you willing to publicly proclaim?
Live It

An effective team consistently lives the values it says it believes in. Your values define who you want to be, and point you to behaviors that help you achieve that goal.
Celebrate It

When you celebrate each other for living your shared values, it strengthens relationships and reinforces what you are trying to achieve.

Key Learning Benefits
  • Customers know what to expect from you, increasing accountability and performance.
  • Teammates know what to expect from each other, increasing trust.
  • People feel appreciated for their efforts, increasing passion and commitment.

These days, customers are searching for organizations that are not afraid to say what they stand for and deliver it with integrity. It’s a Way Not a Day will help you be one of those organizations. X

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