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The Happiness Advantage - 38 Minute Full Preview

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The Happiness Advantage training video gives you a formula for improving productivity, overcoming challenges, increasing cognitive abilities, and improving teamwork – all while improving your mindset. This comprehensive training program is based on Shawn Achor’s book, Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work.

What does being happy have to do with work? We’ve all been told that if we work hard, we’ll be successful. And if we’re successful, we’ll be happy. What if that formula is wrong? What if the opposite were true and happiness is the secret to success - at work and at home?

The Happiness Advantage is a new video-based training program that shows you how happiness can improve your performance and satisfaction at work. Happy is a healthy state of mind and it is infectious! When our brains are happy, that positive feeling will ripple out to those around us, which can raise productivity and help us work faster and smarter. The implications for your workplace can be tremendous.

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Did you know that optimistic salespeople outsell their pessimistic colleagues by 56%? According to bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor, happy employees have higher levels of productivity. Happy employees also perform better in leadership roles and receive higher pay! You might even find that happiness can be your single most important competitive advantage.

In the Happiness Advantage video, you’ll learn the following:

  • You’ll understand the science that underlies The Happiness Advantage
  • You will see how you can put The Happiness Advantage to work personally to improve your productivity, performance and satisfaction
  • You’ll learn how you can spread The Happiness Advantage to everyone in your organization

In addition to the main training video, you can purchase the Complete Training Program that includes Shawn’s five practical implementation modules. In these modules, you will learn how it is possible to make a positive workplace a reality.

The Happiness Advantage Implementation Module topics include:

  • The Zorro Circle - 7 Minutes
  • Social Investment - 6 Minutes
  • Falling Up - 7 Minutes
  • Leading Positive Change - 10 Minutes
  • Mindset Matters - 7 Minutes

The modules cover easy, everyday techniques that can turn even the most pessimistic worker into an optimist. Transform your organization into a happy and productive entity with these simple applications.

Purchase includes:

  • The Happiness Advantage DVD which contains:
          - Full 38 minute program
          - Alternate 20 and 27 minute versions to provide training flexibility
  • Implementation Modules DVD which contains:
          - The Zorro Circle
          - Social Investment
          - Falling Up
          - Leading Positive Change
          - Mindset Matters
  • The Happiness Advantage Workbook

The Happiness Advantage training program is available on its own as a 3-part, 38-minute training DVD or as a complete 2 DVD training video which will include an additional five implementation modules that provide real world suggestions for leaders and employees who are looking to improve happiness and success. Watch the trailers: X

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