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The Zorro Circle - Implementation Module

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Part of The Happiness Advantage

The Implementation Modules from The Happiness Advantage training program will show you how to implement happiness, productivity, and resilience at work and home.

The modules on the Implementation training DVD are a “must see” for everyone trying to excel in a world of increasing workloads, stress, and negativity. Everyone can try them!

The Zorro Circle 7 Minutes

Too many unread emails, multitasking and impossible deadlines can hijack your brain’s ability to function productively. The Zorro Circle will show you a few simple, daily tasks that will help you reduce stress and increase productivity. Learn how to focus on things that you can control. Plus it’s fun to see how Zorro did it! :)

Social Investment 6 Minutes

Many people tend to keep to themselves when faced with stress. However, this is one of the worst things you can do! The best predictor of happiness is social support. Capitalizing on social relationships actually increases happiness and productivity. This module will teach you how to use your social support to get you through stressful situations.

Falling Up 7 Minutes

With this program you can turn even the most pessimistic workers into low-level optimists. Shawn’s research shows that optimistic salespeople made 37% more sales than pessimistic salespeople. Your mindset is a powerful indicator for future success. Simple changes in mindset can make a huge difference!

Leading Positive Change 10 Minutes

The perfect tool for leaders! Recognizing employees is the most important way to get them to enjoy their job. Praise is essential, but it is often misused. We often praise the result of an effort, for example “Great job meeting your monthly sales goal” rather than the process, for example “Great job working so hard, it shows that you care about your work.” Shawn teaches us how to spread the Happiness Advantage to others using a few simple techniques.

Mindset Matters 7 Minutes

Your mindset makes a huge difference to your happiness. How optimistic you are actually affects your productivity, your ability to make sales, even the number of sick days you take. When you are positive, you have a significant advantage: You’re able to see opportunities for success that more negatively minded people simply pass over.

Purchase includes:

  • The Implementation Modules DVD which contains:
    - The Zorro Circle
    - Social Investment
    - Falling Up
    - Leading Positive Change
    - Mindset Matters
  • The Happiness Advantage Workbook

Part of The Happiness Advantage training program. X

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