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The Entrepreneurs: Volume 1 - Full Preview

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The six-part documentary series The Entrepreneurs: An American Adventure captures the bold spirit of the men and women who embraced the American dream to shape this nation’s economic course and quality of life.

Hosted by Robert Mitchum, The Entrepreneurs: An American Adventure series brings a living history into the classroom and creates a visual journey to educate and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurs: An American Adventure consists of the following programs:

Interviews, dramatizations, vintage newsreel footage, and historic photographs relate the dynamic stories of America’s most successful industrial and economic pioneers.

Volume 1: The Entrepreneurs (49 Minutes)

The Entrepreneurs Volume 1 The Entrepreneurs focuses on innovators who both created and marketed their own products, including Thomas Edison; King Gillette, inventor of the safety razor; MTV founder Robert Pittman; Margaret Rudkin of Pepperidge Farms; chocolate chip cookie mogul Wally Amos; implantable pacemaker inventor Wilson Greatbatch; and the man who brought the world Monopoly, Charles Darrow.

The Entrepreneurs Volume 2: The Land and Its People (49 Minutes)

The Entrepreneurs Volume 2 The Land and Its People, recounts the success of the developers of the nation’s natural resources. Learn the stories of inventor of the wheat reaper Cyrus McCormick; ecological conservationist and father of the forestry management movement Frederick Weyerhaeuser; oil industry pioneer John D. Rockefeller; meat refrigeration creator Gustavus Swift; the first food franchiser Harland "The Colonel" Sanders; Celestial Seasonings king Mo Siegel; and the creator of the frozen potato industry, Jack Simplot.

The Entrepreneurs Volume 3: Expanding America (49 Minutes)

The Entrepreneurs Volume 3 Expanding America focuses on the visionaries who developed the nation’s first transportation systems. Learn the stories of automaker Henry Ford; flight pioneer Charles Lindbergh; founder of Pan Am Juan Trippe; developer of the Erie Canal DeWitt Clinton; James Hill, who transformed railroad transportation; commercial satellite developer Deke Slayton; and pilot training simulator inventor Albert Ueltschi.

The Entrepreneurs Volume 4: Made in America (49 Minutes)

The Entrepreneurs Volume 4 Made in America looks at the individuals responsible for creating mass production systems. Learn the stories of steel manufacturing mogul Andrew Carnegie; creator of interchangeable firearm parts Eli Whitney; Colt revolver inventor Samuel Colt; Jane Collier, who built a small auto parts supply firm into a huge business; industrialist Henry Kaiser, the man who originated the Health Maintenance Organization; and Joseph Engelberger, creator of industrial robots.

The Entrepreneurs Volume 5: Giving ’Em What They Want (49 Minutes)

The Entrepreneurs Volume 5 Giving Them What They Want recounts the stories of those innovators who successfully targeted consumer desires. Learn the stories of super salesman P.T. Barnum; creators of the first mail-order catalogs Montgomery Ward and Richard Sears; frozen pizza entrepreneur Jeno F. Paulucci; and Banana Republic creators Mel Ziegler and Patricia Ziegler.

The Entrepreneurs Volume 6: Instant America (49 Minutes)

The Entrepreneurs Volume 6 Instant America, peers into the world of the creators of our communication and information systems. Learn the stories of Samuel Morse, whose inventions improved the telegraph; inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell;George Eastman, who made photography affordable; inventor of the photocopy machine, Chester Carlson; movie industry pioneer Adolph Zukor; RCA and NBC founder David Sarnoff; and Dr. An Wang, creator of the first word processor.

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