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Program 1 - Creating Positive Impressions - Full Preview

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Cutting Edge Communication is a powerful business training series on hot topics everyone can enjoy. Short, sharp and funny with simple messages and skills for everyone.

Whether you are interested in improving your organization’s culture or the ability to make a good impression, work together as a team, share ideas, or even create positive mindsets, Cutting Edge Communication delivers! This training series will have everyone at all ages enjoying themselves.

Cutting Edge Communication Comedy Series follows ten characters through a landscape of social faux pas, insult and embarrassment. Presented with the comedic genius of Erin Brown and the workplace psychology of Eve Ash, this series will shock, amaze and entertain you, while at the same time teaching some important lessons in human interaction, in a way you won’t forget!

Cutting Edge Communication offers a great way to make every training session, conference and meeting get off to a fun start!

Program Descriptions:

Program 1 - Creating Positive Impressions 6 Minutes
Carol and her team fail to impress and must learn to change.
Creating Positive Impressions looks at how people conduct themselves when greeting clients, working together, body language and how to conduct yourself when making a first impression.

Program 2 - Developing Successful Mindsets 7 Minutes
Steve’s negativity is now contagious, so watch as his coworkers and bosses try to help him create a more positive outlook.

Program 3 - Giving Hygiene Feedback 9 Minutes
Everyone tries to work out the best approach to give Sanjay feedback, with some being more effective than others. It’s wrong to be nasty, make jokes or leave unsubtle gifts for feedback.

Program 4 - Surviving Team Conflicts 6 Minutes
Carol communicates openly to resolve aggression and lack of assertiveness in her team.

Program 5 - Overcoming Disempowerment 7 Minutes
Michael is upset about Carol’s bullying, and Marcus tries to inspire her to lead.

Program 6 - Embracing New Ideas 7 Minutes
Marcus encourages the group to share new ideas but nobody likes his idea.

Program 7 - Accepting Change 5 Minutes
Everyone is frustrated and resisting change. Steve helps them progress.

Program 8 - Surviving Stress and Burnout 8 Minutes
Overload causes anxiety, so Marcus offers a way for everyone to reduce stress, but it backfires. Stress must be managed effectively.

Program 9 - Breaking Bullying 8 Minutes
Bullying is harmful so Marcus offers a radical bullying prevention training session.

Program 10 - Handling Tricky Appraisals 9 Minutes
Carol rates herself high but her performance appraisal is full of conflict and surprise.

Program 11 - Understanding Accountability 6 Minutes
Serena canvasses the team for their collective understanding of what accountability is, only to find a lot of confusion. She confesses privately that she was not sure of the exact meaning of accountability, but is saved by the new guy, Sam, who provides a clear and unequivocal definition.

Program 12 - Creating a No-Blame Culture 7 Minutes
Everyone is blamed when Carol’s social responsibility strategy goes horribly wrong.

Program 13 - Ensuring a Respectful Workplace 8 Minutes
Insensitive racist remarks and talking behind people’s backs cause hurt all round.

Program 14 - De-Cluttering the Office 8 Minutes
The office is a mess so Carol introduces new rules to ensure a safe clean workplace.

Program 15 - Giving Managers Feedback 8 Minutes
Managers need feedback to improve but they don’t always like what they hear.

Program 16 - Staying Motivated at Work 8 Minutes
Some people feel flat and don’t realize what motivates them to improve.

Program 17 - Appreciating Diversity 9 Minutes
Carol returns from holidays to discover that Marcus promoted Carlos to receptionist and hired Tammy in accounting, and neither speaks much English. Marcus is very proud of the added ‘diversity’, while Carol is very concerned about Carlos being the first point of contact and ‘face’ of the company.

Program 18 - Welcoming New People 7 Minutes
Sherry, the new girl, is located at the bottom of the stairs and while trying to be positive she feels completely overlooked. Early days in a new job have a big impact. A warm friendly start makes all the difference.

Program 19 - Listening Actively 8 Minutes
Carol is very concerned because Marcus is not listening to her and after pointing it out they agree to listen to each other. Team members discuss the skills of listening.

Program 20 - Teaching Greetings 7 Minutes
An everyday greeting is usually taken for granted. Yet judgments are often made from those first words.

Program 21 - Facing Social Media 9 Minutes
Carol is concerned about excessive use of Facebook and Twitter at work, and initiates a social media policy, which Serena has observed is missing. Sam presents the new social media policy for the office, and they discuss inappropriate use.

Program 22 - Explaining Skillfully 9 Minutes
The art of explaining concepts and information is covered in four key steps about engagement, structure, maintaining interest and ensuring understanding.

Program 23 - Building Relationships 8 Minutes
Marcus feels that the team is losing the ability to communicate effectively and suggests they use a “speed socializing” exercise to better understand what it takes to build long lasting relationships. Steve is chosen as the relationship expert to comment on the relationship skill level of the group as they undertake role-plays.

Program 24 - Presenting with Passion 9 Minutes
Making a boring presentation is stressful. Inspiring others with your words is fun.

Program 25 - Planning and Organizing 8 Minutes
Being disorganized creates stress. Planning and organizing achieves results.

Program 26 - Supervising Effectively 9 Minutes
Effective supervision skills are shown and include using goals to achieve results and measuring the success, listening and supporting staff, acknowledging good work and focusing on building skills. The Supervising Effectively training video explores skills for supervising effectively, and mistakes supervisors often make.

Program 27 - Supporting Others 9 Minutes
Being supportive is an essential skill for teams. It takes very little effort to show support.

Program 28 - Managing a Complainer 9 Minutes
Marcus demonstrates his effective conflict resolution skills to bring the situation under control. Anger is an outward expression of discontent. Managing anger calmly and effectively is a life skill.

Program 29 - Diffusing Anger 9 Minutes
Marcus runs a training session to help staff manager anger, and invites Serena as the anger management expert, which makes Carol angry. Marcus uses a toy crocodile and some boxing kangaroos to get the messages across, but when Michael and Sam are asked to demonstrate their anger management skills the role-play escalates into an embarrassing situation.

Program 30 - Stretching the Team 9 Minutes
Carol and Marcus discuss the benefits of exercising and Marcus introduces Brittany, his trainer, to the team to take them through a series of stretching exercises. The staff follow Brittany through a series of ten exercises that are done in real time so audiences can follow and join in.

Program 31 - Removing Tension 8 Minutes
Brittany, the personal trainer, demonstrates various stretches to combat stiff aching bodies and work related problems. Create some team-building fun. Release tension and solve problems.

Program 32 - Working Safely 9 Minutes
Everyone should take responsibility for safety. It all starts with the right attitude.

Program 33 - Negotiating for Results 7 Minutes
A great negotiator shares the vision, and shows strength by being flexible.

Program 34 - Apologizing Carefully 7 Minutes
Apologize when you have done something wrong. It clears the air so everyone can move forward.

Program 35 - Behaving Unprofessionally 9 Minutes
Various members of the team discuss what they see as unprofessional behavior.

Program 36 - Making Decisions 7 Minutes
Serena is shocked to discover Marcus uses a decision-making toy to make random choices. Avoiding decisions weakens your position. Making good decisions keeps you strong.

Program 37 - Achieving SMART Goals 9 Minutes
Learn the SMART formula and set specific measurable goals that are relevant and achievable within a time frame. Carol says she is successful because she constantly sets herself daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. She distinguishes between short-term and longer-term goals and introduces the team to the goal acronym SMART:

Program 38 - Responding Thoughtfully 9 Minutes
When people listen supportively, they will respond thoughtfully. Listen supportively by clarifying, reflecting, advising with care and probing (CRAP).

Program 39 - Using Goals to GROW 10 Minutes
When you want to succeed with goals, find and remove the obstacles. Define goals and consider reality, obstacles, options and way forward.

Program 40 - Sharing Feedback 9 Minutes
Avoid defensiveness, be open to receiving and give specific balance feedback. Marcus recommends welcoming feedback, staying calm and not defensive, openly discussing the problem and its impact on performance, linking the feedback to rules and agreements, asking the other person for their view and suggestions for solutions, and listening.

Program 41 - Enhancing Service 9 Minutes
Listen to customers, build rapport and demonstrate you care by being efficient, knowledgeable and a problem solver. Service is integral to Cutting Edge; if a client is not happy, they can lose business. Marcus likens service to a gecko’s suction capacity; once you get a client, you never let him/her go.

Program 42 - Transforming SILOS 8 Minutes
SILO cultures are closed and fragmented. Teams that share and care are happier. Transform the SILO Culture. Avoid a closed fragmented culture and ensure caring, sharing and collaboration.

Program 43 - Overcoming Setbacks 9 Minutes
When facing setbacks recognize when you feel stuck and move forward. Going over and over a setback keeps you stuck in the past. Learn to overcome setbacks.

Program 44 - Handling Anyone Difficult 8 Minutes
We all have to deal with difficult people. Carlos complains to Steve about difficult people he has to contend with on a daily basis. He often feels like hitting them, which Steve naturally discourages. Carol offers her six ways of dealing with difficult people, explored by Steve and Carlos.

Program 45 - Resolving Conflict 9 Minutes
A great program on essential skills for preventing and resolving conflict with best outcomes. Don’t let a conflict at work escalate. Learn to resolve issues effectively.

Program 46 - Mediating for Resolution 9 Minutes
People in conflict have stopped listening. Mediators actively listen to overcome blocks.

Program 47 - Preparing for Emergencies 8 Minutes
Marcus sets up a dangerous evacuation drill with dire consequences. If only we had been prepared. Act now! Be safe not sorry.

Program 48 - Ensuring Security 8 Minutes
Staff must question strangers, check ID and speak up if they see something. The team discusses the importance of keeping valuables locked up and asking for proof of identification.

Program 49 - Handling the New Wave 9 Minutes
An amusing program about managing the expectations and behaviors of the newest recruits. Carol is underwhelmed when “dude” Dion (Marcus’ nephew) rocks up to commence work as an intern, and also isn’t impressed by the entitled Tatiana. Marcus explains to the interns that Cutting Edge is there to help them move forward.

Program 50 - Coaching New People 9 Minutes
Learn how to give your new employees a head start; Skills include: welcome them, give feedback, encourage new skills and be a good role model. X

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