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The Respectful Workplace: It Starts With You - Trailer

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In today’s organizations, the word "respect" is used a lot. But what does respect look like? What does it sound like? How do people know it when they see it? And how can organizations make it a central part of their path to success?

The Respectful Workplace explores this timely learning challenge through the introduction of 4 important skill points.

Wrong-way scenes depict the negative impact of disrespect while right-way scenes inspire positive, respectful, inclusive behavior.

Today’s workplace is a vibrant melting pot…an ever-changing mix of co-workers. And, while employees may vary in terms of their comfort level with change and diversity, they must all embrace one simple truth: the organization will succeed only when the unique skills and experiences of all individuals are respected.

Key Learning Points

  • Breaks the larger and sometimes abstract concept of respect into easily recognized behaviors
  • Shows how an "inclusion" mindset maximizes the collective potential of everyone
  • Reduces the threat of harassment and discrimination while improving communication and morale

The key to building this kind of workplace lies in ensuring that each and every individual understands the part they play in the process. This program combines dramatic vignettes and helpful onscreen hosts to illustrate four things individuals must do to ensure that their workplace is respectful and inclusive:

  1. Avoid Clearly Discriminatory or Intolerant Behavior
  2. Respect the Unique Perspective and Knowledge Each Person Has to Offer
  3. Act in Ways That Build People Up, Not Tear Them Down
  4. Let Go of the Belief That Your Way is Always Right

Employees are taught that while they don’t need to be best friends with everyone on the team, they must respect each other, appreciate their differences and look for the value that each person brings to the overall group effort.

The Respectful Communicator includes:

  • DVD (15 Minutes)
  • Leader’s Guide
  • CD with Reproducible Participant Handouts (18 Minutes)

Produced by CRM Learning

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