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The Respectful Communicator: The Part You Play - Trailer

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Effective communication is at the heart of organizational performance. When miscommunications occur, results are bound to suffer.

In today’s diverse workplace, a number of things can undermine successful communication, including a perceived lack of respect or inclusion.

The Respectful Communicator shows how taking a few extra steps can keep misunderstandings to a minimum. With the increased diversity present in today’s workplace, the potential for miscommunication has never been greater.

Well-intentioned people can cause others to feel disrespected. And when that happens, morale and productivity drop. Good people leave the organization and, in some cases, lawsuits are filed.

Key Learning Points

  • Shows how interpersonal communication can make or break productivity and morale
  • Provides practical learning on the sometimes abstract concepts of respect and inclusion
  • Illustrates how to communicate clearly (without demeaning, devaluing or offending others)

Disrespect is most often caused when we fail to recognize and appreciate the different backgrounds, experiences and opinions of others. Employees at all levels need to understand specific things they can do to build an environment where respect and inclusiveness thrive.

The Respectful Communicator goes beyond communication "basics" and includes techniques for making sure we understand what someone has said, caring about the way we come across and showing people we value their ideas. In The Respectful Communicator onscreen hosts and vignettes demonstrate five guidelines that participants can put into practice immediately:

  1. Consider Your Audience
  2. Talk With Someone Instead of About Them
  3. Confirm that You Understand What Someone is Saying
  4. Know the Boundaries of What’s Appropriate to Talk About
  5. Communicate Respectfully During Disagreements


The Respectful Communicator includes:

  • DVD (18 Minutes)
  • Leader’s Guide
  • CD with Reproducible Participant Handouts (18 Minutes)

Produced by CRM Learning

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