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Preventing Workplace Bullying - Trailer

  • Preventing Workplace Bullying - Trailer

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How to Recognize and Respond to Bullies at Work

50% of the U.S. workforce reports either being bullied at work or witnessing someone else being bullied at work. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, bullying is four times more prevalent than illegal harassment.

By definition, bullying is persistently offensive, intimidating or insulting behavior that makes the recipient feel upset, threatened, humiliated or vulnerable. Without intervention, bullies generally do not accept responsibility for their behavior; they are unable or unwilling to recognize the effect of their behavior on other people. Left unchecked, workplace bullying leads to increased stress, reduced productivity and harm to the physical and emotional well being of staff members.

It’s up to everyone in the organization to acknowledge that bullying is unacceptable, recognize bullying behavior and work to prevent it.

Through vignettes that illustrate bullying on the part of both leaders and co-workers, this program teaches viewers that the keys to preventing workplace bullying are:

  • Recognize Bullying Behavior – Know what behaviors cross the line and are considered “bullying”.
  • Speak Up for Yourself – Stay calm. Be confident. Share facts and feelings.
  • Stand Up for Others – State observations. Share your concerns. Explain the impact of the behavior.
  • Commit to Next Steps – Review company policies. Document actions and responses. Involve HR or Management. Formalize your complaint.

The Preventing Workplace Bullying training video examples take place in offices, education, healthcare and industrial settings. The main program is appropriate for both managers and employees. A supplemental Manager’s Module gives leaders additional instruction on bullying behaviors and the damage they cause. Leaders are taught to address bullying when they observe it and are given a checklist of things that let them evaluate their own behaviors.


  • Depicts today's most common bullying situations in a manner that allows for rich discussion
  • Clearly explains why bullying must be stopped
  • Teaches employees and leaders to be advocates for themselves and others

Note: The Preventing Workplace Bullying training DVD offers practical instruction on how to recognize and prevent bullying in the workplace. It shows bullying behaviors that – while not illegal – are typically prohibited by organizational policy.

Purchase Includes:

  • Preventing Workplace Bullying (17 Minutes)
  • Preventing Workplace Bullying - Manager’s Module (5 Minutes)
  • Leader’s Guide
  • CD-ROM with PowerPoint Presentation & Participant Handouts
  • 10 Reminder Cards

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