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De-Cluttering the Office - Full Preview

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The office is a disgraceful mess! Carol is on a mission to de-clutter the office to make sure it’s cleaner, more motivating, safer and more secure. She implements a clean-desk policy that the team must adhere to. Some of the team members are attached to their clutter or personal items and don’t want to let go. There is a battle of wills until Carol declares that according to her policy, anything left lying around will be thrown out or donated to Carlos the cleaner. Everyone reluctantly commences a massive clean up and Carol is very satisfied with the outcome.

  • Don’t: Be blind to mess at work Instead: Look around and see the visual impact
  • Don’t: Get angry and make demands Instead: Explain safety and concerns
  • Don’t: Disrespect people’s belongings Instead: Set consistent standards
  • Don’t: Expect immediate change Instead: Take pride in celebrating clean areas

Purchase includes:

  • De-Cluttering the Office DVD (8 Minutes)
  • PDF on each DVD with:
    - Discussion Questions
    - Activities
    - Handouts
    - PowerPoint slides

Part of the Cutting Edge Communication series!

This program is part of the Cutting Edge Communication series which is a powerful training series on hot topics everyone can enjoy. Short, sharp and funny with simple messages and skills for everyone. The series follows ten characters through a landscape of social faux pas, insult and embarrassment. This series will shock, amaze and entertain you, while at the same time teaching some important lessons in human interaction, in a way you won't forget! X

Fresh, delicious, crisp...

Yes, we do still include a popcorn package with each DVD purchase. It’s our way of saying "thank you" for being our customer! X

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