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Dynamics of Sexual Harassment - 14 minutes excluding credits/promo

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Additional Program Information

The Dynamics of Sexual Harassment training program will provide supervisory personnel and the general workforce state-of-the-art harassment prevention training and support the employer in complying with State and Federal laws.

Unlike traditional learning videos, Dynamics of Sexual Harassment: Definitions, Examples, Resolution & Prevention tackles the subject matters through the perspectives of human resources, psychiatry and law-- three areas sexual and workplace harassment greatly impact.

Dynamics of Sexual Harassment includes realistic live-action scenarios that are portrayed by professional actors and each storyline is analyzed by an all-star panel of experts, moderated by a well-known female journalist and former prosecutor for the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Dynamics of Sexual Harassment - 21 Minute Version

Dynamics of Sexual Harassment Definitions, Examples, Resolution & Prevention features examples of behavior most commonly associated with sexual and workplace harassment. Two scenarios are dedicated to Internal Grievance Procedures and communicate to the supervisor, as well as the general workforce, their responsibilities in the event of a complaint and how conflicts will be resolved. Content includes:

  • An introduction legally defining harassment.
  • live-action scenarios.
  • A proper grievance procedure.
  • An improper grievance procedure.
  • A photographic montage defining 9 hostile work environments.
  • A three-member panel of experts, moderated by a nationally known female journalist that analyzes each live-action scenario and hostile work environments. The panel discusses the effects of workplace harassment and stresses that matters can be resolved internally when proper grievance procedures are in place.

Dynamics of Sexual Harassment - 14 Minute Version

The Scenarios-Only version is geared for the consultant, trainer or attorney who prefers to convey in person what the panel discusses. This video excludes the panel discussion. It contains the same short introduction, 4 live-action scenarios, 2 grievance procedures and a 12-point hostile work environment photography montage, as our 21-minute program.

The Complete Training Module Includes:

  • A relatable and comprehensive 21-minute video, which features panel discussions, four live-action scenarios portrayed by professional actors, two grievance procedures and a nine point hostile work environment photography montage. The video is also available with Spanish subtitles.
  • An Employee Manual that reinforces the knowledge obtained from the video and provides additional information on tolerance and discrimination.
  • A Legal Affidavit for personnel to sign, confirming their understanding of the program and their promise to abide by employer policies.
  • A 20 question test. Like the Employee Manual, the test reinforces the knowledge obtained from the video. It can also be relied upon in the event of a conflict, where the employer can substantiate that the alleged harasser had a complete understanding of the issues.
  • A Facilitators Guide offering helpful suggestions to the facilitator on how to present the session.

We also offer a 14-minute "Scenarios-Only" video, which excludes panel discussion. This version is geared for the trainer who prefers to convey in person what the panel discusses. X

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