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Why is it that everyone at Life is good seems to be having fun?  Why do they love their work?  Let's face it; most of the people we interviewed are working on a factory floor, shipping products, dealing with deadlines, inventory, accounting, and other regular tasks (tasks that most of us wouldn't think of as "fun.")  So, why are they having fun?  In a word: optimism. They really do see the glass as half full. The payoff for them at work is that they see a series of fun challenges, new opportunities, and great ways to make a difference. 

A positive, optimistic outlook at work and in life is a critical factor in personal and professional success.  No matter what happens, this sense of optimism can motivate and inspire everyone around you to higher levels of achievement and contentment. Recent studies hint at further health benefits for optimists. Their positive attitude and resilience in the face of challenges reduces stress and reduces instances of the many stress-related illnesses that plague so many of us later in life. 

You can see this attitude at work in Life is good and you'll find this positive outlook is infectious with their customers as well.  You will see it at work as people from the company come together to give back to the community through events like the Life is good Watermelon Festival and the Life is good Pumpkin Festival.  You will see that at Life is good the glass is half full. 


  • Optimism can take you anywhere. Make optimism the foundation of YOUR success.
  • Optimists are the ones who get things done and make things better.
  • Remember, you are a part of something bigger.
  • Don't knock something, build something.
  • Optimism means that there is always a new and fun challenge ahead.
  • You can either have a great day or a not so great day.  Choose to make it a great day!

Excerpt from Training Media Review’s Article on Life is good

"The Life is Good message is easy to understand. It is echoed in every corner of the corporation. They know that optimism yields better quality products and knock-their-socks-off service. What else could they do with a name like “Life is Good”? X

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