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In An Instant - Volume 1 Trailer

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You have a business problem but you just don't have the time to read all the articles and business books in hope that you can solve it. Well, no longer do you have to worry.  The In an Instant series can help you with fast and helpful solutions.

Working with noted Industrial Psychologist Dr. Anthony Salemi we have developed the In An Instant training video series which provides 20 solutions to many of today's most troubling business situations.

The In An Instant video series offers methods you can put to work immediately to help turn those problems into positive business opportunities!

The video series is presented in four volumes with five solutions each, the series looks at the following business situations:

Volume 1: Workplace Issues (37 Minutes)

  1. How to deal with the individual who is always late
  2. How to respond to someone with poor hygiene (and have them improve)
  3. How to deal with an employee who has a substance abuse problem
  4. It's not my job-- How to develop individuals as team players
  5. How to discipline effectively

Volume 2: Sales, Hiring and Management (48 Minutes)

  1. How to be an effective time-manager
  2. How to sell effectively
  3. How to hire effective people
  4. How to terminate an unproductive employee
  5. How to run an effective meeting

Volume 3: Leadership Development (41 Minutes)

  1. How to give feedback
  2. How to get a commitment for action
  3. How to be an effective motivator
  4. How to help people be effective decision makers
  5. How to help your people manage stress effectively

Volume 4: Employee Development (43 Minutes)

  1. How to deal with closed-mindedness
  2. How to deal with procrastination
  3. How to strengthen interpersonal impact
  4. How to delegate effectively
  5. How to deal with conflicting employees X

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