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50 Ways To Keep Your Customers - Trailer

  • 50 Ways To Keep Your Customers - Trailer

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We have said it before and we will say it again: like it or not, customer service is the competitive battleground for any - and every organization. Buying decisions in many cases will be made not only on the quality of the product but on the quality of the customer service.

So, regardless of your job title, position in an organization, or experience, your number one task will always be to attract, satisfy and preserve customers. Terrific customer service is the ultimate goal!

50 Ways To Keep Your Customers with Dr. Paul Timm provides those hands-on, do-it-now techniques and skills that will keep customers happy and ensure that they keep coming back.

50 Ways To Keep Your Customers is an outstanding value. In a market where prices seem to be escalating, it is an old-fashioned good investment: versatile, comprehensive content delivered in an interesting fashion for an excellent price.

Rated by Training Media Review, as one of "the best videos," this program provides the common sense information to help anyone improve their customer service.

We have all suffered from poor customer service and it's not pleasant. And it does not have to be that way. By using the techniques and skills found in 50 Ways To Keep Your Customers something can be done and it can be done now. Numbered one to fifty, each skill in this 60-minute video can be put to use immediately. They are practical, workable techniques that take the mystery out of how to give exceptional customer service. Give it a try. It can only help!

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  • 50 Powerful Ideas You Can Use To Keep Your Customers on CD X

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