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Eliminate Customer Turnoffs - Trailer

  • Eliminate Customer Turnoffs - Trailer
  • Exceed Customer Expectations - Trailer

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Volume One: Winning Customer Loyalty Eliminate Customer Turnoffs looks at what really alienates your customers. What makes them want to stay away and not buy your product. Each time we experience poor service we are tempted to join the chorus of complainers. But a more fruitful use of such experiences is to learn from what others do poorly so that we can provide the best in service to our customers.

Volume Two: Winning Customer Loyalty Exceed Customer Expectations shows you how to really exceed the expectations of your customers and gain their loyalty. It takes the ambiguity out of what it means to give your customer more when they really don't expect it. It shows you how to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Purchase Includes:

  • Volume 1: Eliminate Customer Turnoffs DVD (26 Minutes)
  • Winning Customer Loyalty Volume I booklet
  • Volume 2: Exceed Customer Expectations DVD (28 Minutes)
  • Winning Customer Loyalty Volume II booklet X

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