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Winning Telephone Tips - Trailer

  • Winning Telephone Tips - Trailer

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Hundreds of millions of telephone calls are made each and every day. Yet, the most used and often abused business tool, bar none, is the telephone.

Have you ever called a company and had to ask the operator to repeat the name of the company one, two or even three times because the person answering the phone did not say it clearly or said it so fast you had no chance of understanding? Have you ever been asked if you wanted to be placed on hold and before you could say, "NO" there you were, on hold? Does voice mail make you long for a human voice?

It doesn't have to be this way, especially at your company or organization. The exciting Winning Phone Tips 30-minute training program tells you how to solve these problems and many, many more. The 30 action tips in this program can be put to use immediately and is perfect for everyone in your organization from the mail room to the office of the president.

Learn why it's important to place your own telephone calls, how to avoid unnecessary call screening, and how to make your voice mail more efficient. You'll also learn innovative ways to prevent callers from wandering off the topic, and who calls back if your're disconnected; how to properly answer the telephone, and why it's important to say, "thank-you for calling" when the conversation is completed. These are just some of the 30 topics covered in this fast-paced video. A must for any organization!

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