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The Telephone Connection - Clip 1

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Excellent telephone customer service doesn't just happen. It requires dedication, skill—and enthusiasm. Your voice, responsiveness, and product knowledge are the only tools you have to convey the right impression and build customer loyalty over the telephone.

In the Customer Service The Telephone Connection training program, our comedic hosts have a lot of fun with this subject, but their underlying message is sincere: telephone customer service is an important job and it has to be done well. You don't get a second chance once a customer hangs up - unless you leave that customer with a good feeling and the desire to do business with you again.

The customer part of telephone customer service:

  • The greeting
  • Listening skills
  • Telephone courtesy

The service part of telephone customer service:

  • Product and system knowledge
  • Complaints
  • Problem solving

This new 2013 release portrays traditional and nontraditional customer service roles, ranging from a mail order company to a medical setting, from a corporate admin to a warehouse supervisor. These different scenes show that everyone in the organization has customers—even if they are your internal customer - coworkers.

Our narrator hosts also touch on the finer points, such as upselling and cross-selling (when an additional product or service would better satisfy customer needs). And they explain how to handle angry or dissatisfied customers in a way that both solves the problem and ultimately strengthens the relationship.

Telephone customer service takes skill and finesse. The Telephone Connection training video conveys the communication skills and positive attitude necessary to provide service—and project that warmth in your voice, call after call!

Every employee in your organization has customers. That's because every employee has coworkers, and coworkers are customers too—even though we sometimes forget to treat them like customers. Coworkers have questions that need to be answered or require assistance in order to get something done. Like customers, they need to receive courtesy, a prompt response to their requests, and full attention to their problems. They need customer service!

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