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Customer Service Recovery Leisure & Hospitality - Full Preview

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This Leisure & Hospitality specific customer service training video presents your staff with a wide variety of realistic and challenging customer situations. From complaints about parking fees or sending food back to a suspicious customer accusing a server of theft, this training program is designed to provide hospitality employees with a step-by-step process of turning frustrations and complaints into understanding and solutions.

Sometimes it is the newest or least trained hospitality employee who has the last clear chance at saving guest relations. One employee becomes the face of your organization when things go wrong. This practical and memorable program is specifically designed to empower leisure and hospitality staff with a clear checklist of Customer Service Recovery tools and techniques.

From showing empathy and truly listening, to exploring with permission phrases and presenting options, front-line hospitality employees will learn how to match the signals they send to guests with the words they say. A wide variety of realistic hospitality industry scenes, demonstrate the use of The Right Words at The Right Time, to over-come almost any service recovery challenge.

Situations covered:

  • A potential events customer is upset that the front desk won't match an online room price.
  • A guest arrives in a hostile mood because of the parking rates.
  • A disappointed guest sends her entire food order back.
  • A clueless customer won't stop talking on her cell phone during check-in.
  • A suspicious customer accuses a server of theft while she used the restroom.
  • A leering and drunk customer tries to get too personal with a young cocktail server.

Having the exact words handy in a tense situation can make all the difference. Often, it is WHAT you say, as well as HOW you say it that can turn the situation around.

Leisure and Hospitality Employees will learn how to use the right words to:

Send the 3 Signals:

  • I Care
  • I Understand
  • You can Trust me to take care of this

Stay Polite and Professional:

  • When a Customer is Rude
  • When a Customer is Clueless
  • When you can't say Yes to a Customer Request

This valuable customer service training program equips your staff with a step-by-step process of turning frustrations or complaints into understanding and solutions. When dealing with guests who may not be at their best, it is all the more important that your staff be at their very best, and ready with The Right Words at The Right Time.

Purchase Includes:

  • The Right Words at the Right Time Customer Service Recovery for Leisure & Hospitality training DVD (11 Minutes)
  • 3 BONUS TRAINING Scenes with Multiple Choice Answer Options
  • The Right Words at the Right Time Leader's Guide on CD
  • The Right Words at the Right Time PowerPoint on CD
  • The Right Words at the Right Time - 10 Pocket Reminder Cards X

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