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Power of Persuasion - Trailer

  • Power of Persuasion - Trailer

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Robert Cialdini
Regents' Professor, Arizona State University

Increase your power and influence with simple, guaranteed methods you'll start using right away. In this dynamic presentation, Robert Cialdini provides fascinating insights on how to be successful in your attempts to persuade all manner of other people. The Power of Persuasion program is a "must" for managers, marketers, and manipulators of all kinds!

Power of Persuasion Program Highlights:

  • If you have two proposals, is it more advantageous to present the most expensive one first or last?
  • Is it better to tell prospects what they stand to gain, or what they stand to lose?
  • Should a proposal's weaknesses be acknowledged early or late in a sales effort?

Call it persuading, negotiating or convincing. Ethical influence is the foundation of successful leadership, management, sales, and customer service. Robert Cialdini has spent his career systematically studying the psychology of influence. In the Power of Persuasion video, he reveals what lies at the heart of his findings: the six principles of influence that form the basis of effective, persuasive appeals. These principles—reciprocation, scarcity, authority, commitment, liking, and consensus—may seem like the jargon of social scientists, but Cialdini brings them to life.

In The Power of Persuasion, Dr. Cialdini provides clear step-by-step examples of behaviors that you can put to use daily to increase your influence. You will learn why you say yes to some offers, simply based on the way they are presented. And you'll learn how to defend against offers that you're really not interested in, no matter how effectively they're presented.

Purchase Includes:

  • Power of Persuasion DVD (55 Minutes)

Dr. Cialdini is the most frequently cited living social psychologist in the world. He holds a BA from the University of Wisconsin and a PhD from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Cialdini is a recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award of the Society of Consumer Psychology. His book, Influence: Science and Practice," appears in nine languages.

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