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Stanford Executive Briefings

Influence is not just for leaders. Call it persuading, negotiating, or convincing – ethical influence is the foundation of powerful business relationships. This 10-program set reveals powerful techniques that will put you on the right track. Develop behaviors that are sure to enhance your position of power and influence.

Influence and negotiation are key elements in business. Whether negotiating a deal or managing your workload, the ability to get things done through others is what it’s all about. And influence is not just for leaders – call it persuading, negotiating, or convincing – ethical influence is the foundation of powerful business relationships. Whether you’re in sales, administration, support, customer relations, or a leadership role, your ability to influence others will be what gets the job done.

Watch as our speakers describe their research and reveal powerful techniques that show clear paths to developing influence, and maintaining it once you have it. You’ll see common fundamental themes emerging from these informative talks, including the laws of reciprocity and the theories of exchange; empathy, ethics and credibility; understanding the motivators of others.

In the Influence & Negotiation Collection, we've bundled ten briefings together that are sure to put you on the right track to developing behaviors that will enhance your position of power and influence.

TheInfluence and Negotiation Collection includes:

  1. Power of Persuasion 55 Minutes
    - Robert Cialdini Arizona State University
  2. Infinite Reality 55 Minutes
    - Jeremy Bailenson Stanford University
  3. Acting With Power 59 Minutes
    - Deborah Gruenfeld Stanford Graduate School of Business
  4. Getting the Best From Others 48 Minutes
    - Doug Harris Kaleidoscope Group
  5. Negotiation: Myths, Misperceptions and Damned Lies 54 Minutes
    - Margaret Neale Stanford Graduate School of Business
  6. Power: How to Get It, Use It, and Keep It 56 Minutes
    - Jeffrey Pfeffer Standford University
  7. Building a Winning Team 46 Minutes
    - Jon Gordon Author of The Energy Bus
  8. Skills, Techniques, and Strategies for Effective Negotiations 46 Minutes
    - Patrick Cleary National Association of Manufacturers
  9. Influence: How to Build Effective Relationships and Allies 50 Minutes
    - Carole Robin Stanford University
  10. Fear of Feedback 51 Minutes
    - Myra Strober Stanford University
    - Jay Jackman Psychiatrist

Stanford Executive Briefings Filmed monthly at the Stanford University Faculty Club, these lively presentations give you access to high-level speakers who share their insights and “best practices” with the business community. X

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