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Workplace Violence: Looking Out for Each Other

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While mass shootings and national tragedies present workplace violence at its extreme, the truth is that most violence at work takes less severe forms.

The Workplace Violence Looking Out for Each Other program alerts employees to the less newsworthy, but damaging kinds of workplace violence, such as threats, intimidation, harassment, bullying, cyber-bullying and domestic abuse that can lead to more serious incidents.

Offering a broader understanding of violence, this training program educates employees and helps them:

  • Prevent violence by looking out for each other
  • Identify the sources and causes of workplace violence
  • Understand the impact of violence on morale and productivity
  • Spot warning signs, including the types of threats
  • Defuse potentially violent situations through compromise, collaboration, and avoidance
  • Report potentially violent incidents before they escalate

The Workplace Violence Looking Out for Each Other training video begins with chilling clips of mass shootings and national tragedies, horrific scenes commonly associated with workplace violence. It stresses that these incidents represent only a fraction of what violence usually is. Using a variety of scenarios and animated special effects, the program shows that much of workplace violence occurs every day, often in less extreme forms.

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  • Leader's Guide with printable Quiz
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