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Stanford Executive Briefings

How can companies fill human resource needs when generational gaps and a shrinking labor pool make it difficult to find and retain qualified talent? For answers, turn to this 10-program set, chock-full with proven strategies currently in use by some of today's most successful companies.

Great organizations start with great ideas, but are sustained only through the dedication and passion of great people.

How can companies fill their human resource needs when demographic trends and generational differences are making it difficult to find or develop the qualities they need in their employees? Must we hire high-priced stars, or can we achieve outstanding results by motivating ordinary people?

In this ten-briefing series, you will learn proven strategies employed at companies such as Southwest Airlines, Yahoo!, GM, AT&T, the SAS Institute, and others. These practical suggestions will help your workforce reach its full potential.

  • What’s more important in new hires, skills or attitude?
  • What are the best practices for hiring on attitude and motivation?
  • How do you provide the tools your teams need to excel?
  • How can you get the most from your employees?
  • What can we do to motivate our employees to go the extra mile for our organization, and our customers?
  • Can loyalty and trust be developed in today’s workforce?

This specially priced, 10-program set shares proven strategies for helping your workforce reach its full potential.

The People & Productivity Collection includes:

  1. Minimizing Gender Bias in the Workplace 55 Minutes
    - Shelley Correll Standford University
  2. Happiness Matters 63 Minutes
    - Tony Hsieh
  3. Emotion vs. Analytics 61 Minutes
    - Baba Shiv Stanford University
  4. Innovation Engine 48 Minutes
    - Tina Seelig Stanford Technology Ventures Program
  5. How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People 52 Minutes
    - Charles O'Reilly Stanford University
  6. Judging Talent 53 Minutes
    - Frank Flynn Stanford University
  7. Reinventing the Way We Do Business 48 Minutes
    - Ed Whitacre Business Executive and Consultant
  8. Good Boss Bad Boss 54 Minutes
    - Robert Sutton Stanford University
  9. Gen Y Decoded 54 Minutes
    - Kit Yarrow Golden Gate University
  10. Mining Talent 60 Minutes
    - George Anders Bloomberg View

Stanford Executive Briefings Filmed monthly at the Stanford University Faculty Club, these lively presentations give you access to high-level speakers who share their insights and “best practices” with the business community. X

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