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Hiring Success - Trailer

  • Hiring Success - Trailer

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The Hiring Success training program will help you find the keepers when you're hiring employees.

In this entertaining HR training video, you'll learn "best practice" techniques that will help you find the ideal candidate for every position you need to fill—combined with proven hiring procedures for determining which applicant is most likely to be successful in your organization and as part of your team.

Follow two story lines as we cover the hiring process in a large company as well as in a small business. Regardless of its size, your organization will benefit from this systematic approach to hiring the right employee for the job.

Hiring Success A Step By Step Guide Program Highlights:

  • The legal as well as the practical aspects of hiring employees.
  • How to find the hidden messages in a resume.
  • The value of an initial phone interview—what to ask and what not to ask.
  • Guiding rules that will help you avoid illegal questions.
  • Hiring Assessments: How to determine if the candidate is a good fit.
  • Procedures to follow for getting more useful information when checking references.

You'll also learn about the legal issues in hiring: how to conduct an interview, avoid discrimination, and be fair to all candidates throughout the application process. After learning the eight-step hiring process presented in the Hiring Success training video, you'll be prepared to boost your own success in hiring the right person for the job.

Study Guide: (Not included - purchase separately) 
This 57-page guide expands on the material found in this HR video. What should you look for specifically when considering a resume? What might catch you by surprise during a face-to-face interview? How can you get useful references?

Instructor's Manual: (Not included - purchase separately)
Contains an overview, agenda, and class activities to help facilitators create an effective learning experience with a minimum of preparation. Emphasizing the development of skills that participants can apply to their immediate hiring needs, the resulting class will be a practical and hands-on experience for all who attend.

Purchase Includes:

  • Hiring Success A Step By Step Guide DVD (25 Minutes) X

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