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Streaming online is easy:

Click on the Play Video button on the product page
Copy a link to insert into your presentation
Download the media file to play on your PC

You have many choices for online delivery!

These online learning options are available on all titles found on the Enterprise Media ArcLearn site.

All Enterprise Media programs are now available for streamed online delivery or On Demand with ArcLearn.

Streaming can be as easy as clicking on the Play Video button on the product page. Or, you can copy a link to insert into your own presentation tool (PowerPoint, BlackBoard, etc.). Or, you can download the media file to play on your PC. You have choices! 

  • ArcLearn is an LMS
    Users simply access their MyCourses list to take and track both assigned and self-selected courses. Trainers can manage curriculums and assign courses to students. Administrators can use detailed reporting to track compliance and assess the overall value of their training program.
  • ArcLearn is a streaming video service
    Online training videos can be streamed and/or downloaded on demand. They are always available anywhere you have an Internet connection regardless of the number of trainers.
  • ArcLearn is perfect for eLearning and mLearning
    Supports training courses on a PC, Macintosh, iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets.
  • ArcLearn is a video clip library
    Course developers can select videos and extract just the right clip. Each clip is customizable so you get only what you want. Use in PowerPoint or you favorite authoring tool.
  • It’s a course authoring tool
    ArcLearn includes a light-weight tool for many of your authoring needs.
  • ArcLearn is a DVD replacement service
    ArcLearn is so much more convenient than DVD; you get the videos, any support materials, and any DVD extras.
  • ArcLearn is a trainer’s video library
    Trainers can carry the entire video library for laptop presentations. All videos are included on an external hard drive for easy use at the highest screen resolution.
  • ArcLearn is SCORM compliant
    Use our content on your LMS!

Simply purchase a license for each course or video desired. The license gives you access to all content and delivery methods available for that specific program.

Access Licenses

With an Access License, each program is offered on a per-play basis. This is a good choice for an on-going need for the course. License terms are one and three years. This license allows for ALL ArcLearn features including streaming, downloading, eLearning, etc.

One Week Rentals

A One Week Rental is your best choice for a short term need, such as a meeting or training session. If you might need to rent a single title two or more times a year, an Access License is your best bet. A One Week Rental license allows for full privileges of a title including streaming, downloading, eLearning, etc. for a one-week or 30 plays license. Additional plays are not available.

Local Play Only Licenses

This UNLIMITED play license is created for the large company that will be using the course on a company LMS or Intranet. Download the video or Scorm course to play or stream it yourself. It is much more cost effective if you have many students, but also has limitations.

Designed for the large company with its own LMS, the UNLIMITED access license is available for a three year term with some restrictions. Download the video to play on your network, local PCs or LMS. Scorm 1.2 version is available for your LMS. What is not available? Streaming from the ArcLearn website or using the ArcLearn LMS.

These online learning options are available on all titles found on the Enterprise Media ArcLearn site. Most other titles are also available online - please contact us at 617.354.0047 or send us an email for more information. X

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