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Leadership Alliance

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From a first time supervisor, to a leader or CEO, the Leadership, Supervision, & Coaching Library will provide you with a wealth of practical hands-on advice that will give you the tools to succeed. Save $1,079 over the individual DVD prices when you purchase The Leadership, Supervision, and Coaching Training Combo.  Get six best selling Leadership and Supervision DVDs for $995.

The Leadership and Supervision Combo Package includes:

  • Leadership Alliance with Tom Peters
  • Leadership: Influence, Incentives, and Knowledge - Winning Coaches
  • Leading Positive Change - Shawn Achor
  • Communication Skills: What Everyone Needs to Know
  • The New Supervisor: Skills for Success
  • How To Supervise People

Leadership Alliance

Tom Peters once again teaches us through his focus on individual companies. In this video, he looks at leadership and some of the outstanding individuals who have excelled in it.

Never has management expert Tom Peters been more impassioned than he is about our need for leadership.
On location with four outstanding individuals, and in front of a live audience, Peters reveals the practical lessons in leadership and teambuilding that can be learned from compelling examples.

In Leadership Alliance, Tom Peters explores the subject of successful leadership by visiting four organizations:

  • General Motors Bay City, Michigan
  • Johnsonville Foods
  • Harley-Davidson York, Pennsylvania
  • Julia B. Thayer High School

On his journey, Peters discovers that leadership involves more than the behavior of the few men and women who run the organization. Instead, it is a special kind of alliance between managers and workers that fully engages the talents and potential of everyone in the organization.

Leadership Alliance is therefore a tale of 4,000, not just four, leaders. As Peters reminds viewers, "It just happens to be four people who opened the door to those 4,000 people."

Leadership: Influence, Incentives, and Knowledge - L.I.N.K.
Part of the Winning Coaches Series

Football’s winning coaches Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, and Bobby Bowden talk about how to be a successful leader in this fast-paced training program. These coaches have an amazing track record! Now you can take their core lessons and apply them to your job.

The Leadership: Influence, Incentives, and Knowledge training program is deigned to help develop leaders at all levels. L.I.N.K. includes two separate programs: An 25-minute short cut and an extended 39-minute version.

Leading Positive Change
Part of The Happiness Advantage training program.

Leading Positive Change is the perfect tool for leaders! Recognizing employees is the most important way to get them to enjoy their job. Praise is essential, but it is often misused.

We often praise the result of an effort, for example "Great job meeting your monthly sales goal" rather than the process, for example "Great job working so hard, it shows that you care about your work." A must see for everyone trying to excel in a world of increasing workloads, stress, and negativity.

Communication Skills: What Everyone Needs to Know

Effective communication is the difference between productivity and chaos in the workplace. There are basic skills you must learn and apply to ensure your message is understood every time.

But too often we forget the fundamentals as we rush to complete more work in less time. In the Communication Skills What Everyone Needs to Know training video, you’ll learn practical techniques to improve all your communication skills - written, oral, electronic, and face-to-face.

The New Supervisor: Skills for Success

Whether this is your first day as a supervisor or you've been on the job for years, The New Supervisor Skills for Success will help you develop and improve your skills and make being a supervisor productive and enjoyable.

The New Supervisor will become your road map for developing the skills necessary to become a first-rate supervisor.

How To Supervise People

Leadership is the ultimate challenge in any job. It takes skill, toughness, and sensitivity sprinkled with that ever-so-important touch of common sense. Being a supervisor can be one of the most satisfying, productive and even enjoyable experiences anyone can have.

How To Supervise People really takes the mystery out of being a supervisor and makes it an enjoyable experience learning how to develop and improve the skills necessary to become an excellent supervisor and leader.

Purchase Includes:

  • Leadership Alliance DVD (64 Minutes) with Guide
  • L.I.N.K. DVD (25 & 39 Minutes) with Guide
  • Leading Positive Change DVD (10 Minutes) with Guide
  • Communication Skills: What Everyone Needs to Know DVD (30 Minutes)
  • The New Supervisor: Skills for Success DVD (48 Minutes)
  • How To Supervise People DVD (42 Minutes) X

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