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This entire library is only $799 for 1 year of online training or 100 views, which ever comes first.

Order now on our ArcLearn site for instant access.

If you are looking for an exceptional value in training, then look no further. The Building A Diverse Workforce for the Global Millennium Training Library will provide you with 20 video courses for about the same price as a single DVD!

Our best-selling diversity-training library is available at your fingertips! Learn how do deal with harassment, race, global issues, the glass ceiling, and the Good Old Boy Network.

Building a Diverse Workforce for the Global Millennium Online Library includes:

  • Do We Speak The Same Language?
  • Double Standards In Performance Appraisals
  • Why Cant We Attract People of Color?
  • Will My Mentor Make A Difference?
  • Is It The Cement Ceiling Or Is It Me?
  • What About Me?
  • I Deserved It, Didn't I?
  • Disbanding The Good Old Boy Network
  • Old School vs. New School
  • But We've Always Done It That Way!
  • The Fatal Interview
  • The Balancing Act: Gender Issues and Career Development
  • Worlds Apart: Building Effective Teams Globally
  • Making A Good Impression
  • It's All In The Presentation
  • You Don't Fit My Style
  • You're Making Me Uncomfortable
  • Sexual Harassment? Are You Serious?
  • The Skip-Level Meeting
  • Building Teams In The Global Marketplace

Use the libraries for classroom, self-study, and even make your own clips from any title. Stream ‘em, download ‘em, or put ‘em on your LMS. Perfect for the trainer who is looking for that one spark to liven up a presentation! X

Fresh, delicious, crisp...

Yes, we do still include a popcorn package with each DVD purchase. It’s our way of saying "thank you" for being our customer! X

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