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Back to the Basics is a five-part series designed to introduce young adults to the work world. The Back to the Basics training series addresses the issues of problem solving, conflict resolution and etiquette, communication skills, stress management, and professional image.

Specialists in career planning, organizational behavior, and workplace wellness share their advice on how to navigate the business world successfully.

A diverse group of young adults also share their experiences in the workforce, giving the viewer a complete look at what works and what doesn’t. The entire Back to Basics series is led by a host who shares information from our research, tests viewers on their current skills, and introduces each of the program’s players.

After watching these training programs, viewers will know how to act and react in any business situation, providing a comfortable, knowledgeable start to any career.

A Cambridge Educational Production. 5-part series, 18–23 minutes each. #10883

Back to Basics Series includes:

  • Problem Solving (18 Minutes)
  • Conflict Resolution and Etiquette (21 Minutes)
  • Communication Skills (22 Minutes)
  • Stress Management (20 Minutes)
  • Professional Image (23 Minutes)

Problem Solving

Problems are a natural part of the business world, so learning how to solve them efficiently is extremely important. This video demonstrates problem-solving skills for workers in a wide range of occupations. Key elements of successful problem solving, such as staying focused, collecting all of the pertinent data, examining the situation from multiple perspectives, and knowing when to ask for assistance, are highlighted. In addition, role play, active listening, and a positive attitude are offered as proactive measures to help reduce the frequency and severity of work-related problems. A Cambridge Educational Production. (18 minutes) #10084

Conflict Resolution and Etiquette

The ability to defuse confrontation and arrive at a solution that is acceptable to everyone involved is a quality that all employers value. This video illustrates how to courteously resolve office conflicts by depersonalizing them, opening the lines of communication, and examining all options in order to come to an agreement. Brainstorming with coworkers is presented as a means of developing consensus. A Cambridge Educational Production. (21 minutes) #10085

Communication Skills

Presentations, reports, video conferences, e-mail, telephone calls—now more than ever, excellent communication skills are a prerequisite for entry into all sorts of careers. This video provides guidance in strengthening both verbal and nonverbal communication. The importance of carefully targeting the message to be conveyed, minimizing outside distractions, listening attentively, and developing an awareness of body language is stressed. A Cambridge Educational Production. (22 minutes) #10086

Stress Management

Poor stress management, stemming from factors such as impending deadlines, work overload, and procrastination, can lead directly to burnout, one of the top reasons for quitting a job. This video identifies workplace stressors and offers guidelines for reducing their impact to a safe level. Proven principles of stress management, including proper nutrition, adequate rest, and nonwork-related pastimes, are emphasized as keys to good health and better overall job performance. A Cambridge Educational Production. (20 minutes) #10087

Professional Image

The secret to presenting a professional image goes much deeper than external appearances. This video investigates not only the visible factors of proper attire and hygiene, but the issues of attitude, professional self-esteem, familiarity with technology, and knowledge of business trends as well. The image a person communicates through written correspondence and in after-hours settings is also addressed. A Cambridge Educational Production. (23 minutes) #10088 X

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