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When it comes to professional selling, Bob Kimball literally wrote the book. Throughout this dynamic 8-part sales training series, Dr. Kimball, author of the American Marketing Association’s popular AMA Handbook for Successful Selling and professor of marketing at the University of West Florida, uses his comprehensive, step-by-step training approach to reveal how anyone who is interested in sales or marketing can sell more—and more effectively.

Each skills-oriented program presents secrets of selling in no uncertain terms while spelling out their application through concrete examples, demonstrations, illustrations, and critiques. This engaging, no-nonsense series is ideal for both classroom and business use. 8-part series, 21-30 minutes each. #10820

Secrets of Professional Selling includes:

  • Secrets of Professional Selling (26 Minutes) 
  • Secrets of Personal Time and Territory Management (30 Minutes)
  • Secrets of Effective Personal Communication (30 Minutes) 
  • Secrets of Successful Prospecting (30 Minutes)
  • Secrets of the Sales Presentation (21 Minutes) 
  • Secrets of Making Objections Your Friends (26 Minutes) 
  • Secrets of Closing the Sale (24 Minutes) 
  • Secrets of Negotiating Profitable Sales (26 Minutes) 

Secrets of Professional Selling

Selling well, like any set of skills, begins with a solid foundation. In this program, Bob Kimball drives home the basics including the importance of listening, in order to determine a prospect’s needs and buying motives; of highlighting prospect benefits, not product features; of having a broad knowledge of one’s industry; of making a paradigm shift from "company salesperson" to "buyer consultant"; and of focusing on value rather than price. (26 minutes) #10821

Secrets of Personal Time and Territory Management

"I work hard every day, every week, but I’m not making any money in selling. If I’m working this hard, I ought to be doing a lot better than I am." In this program, Bob Kimball explodes the myth that sheer effort guarantees results while explaining how to "plan your work and work your plan," how to codify priorities and then stick to them, how to eliminate time-wasters, and the crucial importance of making weekly and daily schedules. (30 minutes) #10822

Secrets of Effective Personal Communication

In general, prospects can be divided into groups known as Amiables, Expressives, Analytics, and Drivers—and knowing the differences between them can make or break a budding business relationship. This program narrated by Bob Kimball stresses the value of good writing skills; of nonverbal communication during "7-second plans" and presentations; of listening and following up; and of generating mutual cordiality and respect. (30 minutes) #10823

Secrets of Successful Prospecting

What is a salesperson’s most important activity? In this program, Bob Kimball tackles the subject of prospecting, from gathering referrals to making cold calls. How to tap current and prior customers for referrals; how to cultivate a "non-referral farm" through research, networking, and other avenues; how to quantitatively assess the value of prospecting activities; and ways to improve the "appointment-to-disappointment ratio" are all considered. (30 minutes) #10824

Secrets of the Sales Presentation

Nothing promotes buying like buy-in. How is it achieved? This program narrated by Bob Kimball answers that and other questions as it examines the sales presentation, from start to finish. Topics covered include properly using open- and closed-ended questions; identifying the benefits most dear to the prospect; uncovering unmet needs or dissatisfactions; getting the prospect involved in the presentation; and closing on every point of agreement. (21 minutes) #10825

Secrets of Making Objections Your Friends

For a salesperson, an objection is the kiss of death. Or is it? In this program, Bob Kimball makes it clear that an objection and a rejection are two totally separate things, as he describes in detail the process of turning an objection into an ally: first, probe for the underlying reasons; next, acknowledge it with a disarming statement, mentally classify it as content-based or visceral, and deal with it accordingly; and then get back on track and go for the close. (26 minutes) #10826

Secrets of Closing the Sale

Regardless of how good a sales pitch is, the sale is not made until it is closed. In this program, Bob Kimball addresses the ins and outs of getting to "yes" while laying down the laws of making the sale: assume a closing mentality right from the start, be alert for prospect acceptance and closing cues, and ask for an order as soon as agreement is sensed, turning ordinary statements into closing questions. (24 minutes) #10827

Secrets of Negotiating Profitable Sales

The difference between making a sale and making a profitable sale means more than just an extra zero or two on the bottom line. This program narrated by Bob Kimball emphasizes the importance of negotiating win-win sales. Key discussion points include getting everything on the table before beginning to negotiate, remembering that price is only one element of the total package, and never making a concession without receiving one in return. (26 minutes) #10828 X

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