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Creating a Mindset for Change 

Are you looking for a fresh approach to the new world of work and life? Develop the mindset you need with Creating a Mindset for Change. The Seeing Red Cars Advanced Online Experience is your accelerated track to success – start today!

A few years ago our company, On Impact Productions, realized the need to tell the fear based thinking story and produced Seeing Red Cars, a 10-minute film based on the metaphor of a red car. Here’s the premise: You go out and buy a red car and as you’re driving it home you notice something. Everywhere you look you see red cars – there’s one, there’s another one, there’s another … it’s almost like the only color car on the road is red! Why is that? You’re focusing on red cars, and therefore you see them in every direction. The same concept applies to you. At work and in your daily life you get more of whatever you focus on.

Laura Goodrich, internationally recognized as a global workforce innovator has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals impact change and implement important initiatives with her film, Seeing Red Cars. Creating a Mindset for Change with Seeing Red Cars Online Learning Process combines the power of the Seeing Red Cars film with the implementation strategies you need to create an environment of positive change, both personally and professionally.

Start Seeing Red Cars and focus on what you DO want!  We have 3 Online Processes:

  • Creating a Mindset for Change with Seeing Red Cars for Leaders $249 per year
  • Online Learning Process for Individuals $99 per year
  • A Starter Process for Everyone $39 per year

The Complete Package (For Leaders)

Everything that you need to lead intentionally and engage your team to create a collective mindset for change. (35 Mindtriggers)

  • 21 videos
  • PDFs
  • Audio files
  • A guide on how to engage and influence your team
  • A customized blueprint about how the learning can be implemented in your company
  • Phone + Email Consultation with Laura

The Personal Package (For Individuals)

If you want an online learning process for yourself, this is for you. (27 Mindtriggers)

  • 15 videos
  • PDFs
  • Audio files
  • A customized blueprint to help you create a mindset for change
  • A personal guide on how to embrace change
  • Phone + Email Consultation with Laura

The Starter Package (For Everyone)

The budget option (but still great). (13 MIndtriggers)

  • 9 videos
  • PDFs
  • Audio files
  • A personal guide on how to embrace change
  • Email Consultation with Laura X

Fresh, delicious, crisp...

Yes, we do still include a popcorn package with each DVD purchase. It’s our way of saying "thank you" for being our customer! X

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