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We're All Different - Clip 2

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Diversity in the Workplace

The We're All Different diversity awareness training DVD will remind your employees of the importance of keeping an open mind and respecting each other, differences and all.

Today's workforce is changing. Coworkers are now more likely to come from other countries or from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds. We're all human, so a certain amount of conflict is blamed on stereotypes rather than on workplace issues that can be resolved through honest communication.

Workplace equality is something that everyone is entitled to, regardless of factors like age, race, and gender. Too often, fear creeps in where issues of diversity are concerned and qualified individuals are overlooked just because they’re different. This diversity training program encourages you to look beyond the stereotypes and see people for who they truly are, overcoming preconceptions to discover where employees’ strengths lie. Learning how to embrace our differences is a huge step in dealing with—and avoiding—conflict at work.

Viewers experience:

  • Heartfelt firsthand narratives.
  • Authentic workplace diversity scenes.
  • An inward look at how they react to differences in others.

Employees who watch the We're All Different diversity training video will come away with a new appreciation for the changes occurring in today’s workplaces, and an awareness of how they personally perceive the differences in others. Use this newly revised diversity awareness DVD to provide a fresh perspective for your team. After all, we're ALL different.

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