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Criticism: Giving and Taking - Clip 3

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Understand how to turn criticism to your benefit.

We often hear the term "constructive criticism." Unfortunately, much criticism ends up being destructive. This communication DVD will teach viewers how to give—and take—criticism in ways that benefit the individuals involved, as well as your organization.

We all need criticism. It's a part of learning. This is a guide to taking criticism professionally, without defensiveness, and without feeling humiliated. Use this communication training video to establish a spirit of cooperation and growth, and create a more effective organization.

Criticism: Giving and Taking Program Highlights:

  • When to criticize and when not to
  • The Guiding Rule of criticism
  • The 3-step formula for successful criticism
  • How to keep your criticism on track and yourself under control
  • The 4-A formula for controlling your emotions when being criticized
  • How to assume a position of strength when being criticized

We all need criticism. It's a part of learning. What we don't need is the anger, defensiveness, frustration and conflict that are so often associated with criticism. Use this communication DVD to establish a spirit of cooperation and growth, and create a more effective organization.

Employees will learn how to give and take input professionally. Applying just one lesson from the video will result in smoother relationships with coworkers. 

Also Available:

Study Guide: ((Not included - purchase separately) 
This 35-page guide contains all the lessons and examples from the video, along with exercises to practice the skills learned. Solutions like the EPM Formula and 4-A formula are spelled out, so that participants don't need to depend just on the notes they've taken.

Instructor's Manual: (Not included - purchase separately)
This manual is designed to help a facilitator create a half-day training program based on the video. The manual contains suggested instructions to participants, discussion questions, sample commentary, possible flipchart pages, and more.

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  • Criticism Giving and Taking DVD (21 Minutes) X

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