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Stanford Guide to Financial Statements - Clip 1

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A Tale of Two Restaurants

George Parker Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Ideal for non-financial managers, this simulated case study compares the financial statements of two restaurants up for sale - and tells the real story behind the numbers. Learn common-sense ways to get the most out of your financial statements with the Stanford Guide to Financial Statements.

Want to get more out of financial reports? This entertaining story gives you a revealing look at the accounting standards that dictate how calculations are made, and the assumptions that can make a surprising difference to your bottom line.

Stanford professor George Parker provides both line-by-line explanations of the three key financial statements used by US companies, and offers logical, common-sense approaches to interpreting what they reveal about profitability, value, and the ability to pay bills.

The Balance Sheet

  • What does this company own?
  • How much debt is it carrying?
  • How much money have investors put in?

The Income Statement

  • What is the sales volume?
  • What kind of expense is the company incurring?
  • How much money is the company earning?
  • Which income figure should I look at: operating income, income before interest and taxes, or net income?

The Cash Flow Statement

  • Will this company be able to pay its bills?
  • Where's their cash flow coming from?

In this accounting video, you'll follow along as Dr. George Parker tracks the progress of Jill and Perry, non-financial managers assigned to evaluate the financial statements of two restaurants their company has targeted for acquisition. Learn not just textbook definitions, but real world meanings and business consequences. Guarantee: Using this business training video, viewers new to accounting will painlessly gain an understanding of the usually dry subject of financial statements.

Study Guide: (included with purchase)
As excellent as the Stanford Video Guide to Financial Statements is, any serious student should be provided this information-packed 63-page reference tool. A college accounting class could be taught from this one book - it addresses generally accepted accounting principles; types of assets; categories of liabilities; solvency ratios; types of income; depreciation and amortization; ratio analysis; current assets and cash flow, and more. Statements for the two restaurants are provided so that students can practice the lessons in the video. Guide includes a glossary of accounting terminology.

Purchase Includes:

  • The Stanford Video Guide to Financial Statements DVD (59 Minutes)
  • Study Guide

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