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Getting support for your ideas can be difficult in an organization when natural obstacles exist in the structure or culture. You want to advance an initiative for the betterment of your company but know that you must first lower peoples’ intentional or unintentional resistance to new concepts. Backing from others is essential. The method for gaining buy-in taught in this program is counterintuitive. You learn the advantages of walking into the fray, showing respect for all, and applying well-prepared tactics to build the support — even advocacy — necessary to launch and deliver on your innovation.

Core Content Areas

The program includes practices, interactive exercises, and tools in the following core areas:

Taking the Barriers Down: Participants learn the four core types of barriers in the context of a compelling story and how dismantling them effectively, rather than trying to go around them, is a path to success for the heroes of the story.

Gaining Support : Armed with the examples from the story, participants examine their own initiatives in light of the need for support from others. They prepare a plan to develop effective responses for potential challenges to its successful implementation. Each participant pairs with another to provide mutual support, advice and feedback for securing buy-in and implementing their initiatives both during and after the session.

Program Outcomes

As a result of this experience, participants will be able to:

  • Apply leadership competencies in influence, communication, collaboration, strategic thinking and decision making
  • Evaluate how much buy-in has already been achieved, how much more is needed and from whom for their initiatives
  • Create a step-by-step plan for advancing initiatives through building the necessary support
  • Apply tactics to increase buy-in and active support for their initiatives
  • Gain the experience needed to apply this blueprint to advancing future ideas or initiatives
  • Participants leave with tips, tools, and a plan to build success for their initiatives X

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