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Defeating Unconscious Bias

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5 Strategies

Everyone has built-in bias and are often unaware of it. How can you overcome it?

The Defeating Unconscious Bias training video is designed to address the hidden biases that can affect hiring, promotions, and team building and that challenge your ability to create an inclusive workplace. At the completion of the training, each participant will:

  • Become aware of the impact of unconscious biases on themselves and their colleagues in their workplace.
  • Understand that even unconscious biases can be defeated.
  • Learn how to employ 5 practical strategies to identify and counter their own unconscious biases.

Defeating Unconscious Bias includes a 14-minute video that shows 3 realistic vignettes that illustrate the impact of unconscious bias in the workplace and teaches 5 practical, ready-to-implement tools people can use to identify and counter their own unconscious biases.

The comprehensive Leader's Guide lays out a step-by-step outline to conduct a 90-minute training session. The Defeating Unconscious Bias training package also includes a post test handout, PowerPoint presentation, and a set of 25 reminder cards for your colleagues and trainees to keep nearby to remember the strategies learned during your training.

Purchase Includes

  • Defeating Unconscious Bias DVD (14 Minutes)
  • Leader's Guide
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • 25 Reminder Cards
Defeating Unconscious Bias

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