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  • Customers With A Difference

    Customers With A Difference

    Part of the Just A Call Away Series on telephone skills.
    How do you handle a customer with a different cultural background or for whom English is a second language? What do you do, and how do you do it? Watch and learn.

  • Customers with Disabilities: Delivering Excellent Service

    Customers with Disabilities: Delivering Excellent Service

    McGuire Associates, Kevin McGuire, and AbleRoad

    The goal of this disability training program and video is simple: it will help every associate deliver the best customer service to people with disabilities. Includes post viewing quiz and trainers guide.

  • Cut Protection

    Cut Protection

    By recognizing hazards, working smart and wearing the right personal protective equipment, employees can work injury-free.

  • Cutting Edge Communication

    Cutting Edge Communication

    Cutting Edge Communication is a powerful business training series on hot topics everyone can enjoy. Short, sharp and funny with simple messages and skills for everyone.

  • Dancing With The Bogeyman

    Dancing With The Bogeyman

    Morris Massey

    "When the bogeyman comes knocking, you don’t have to fight, flee, or freeze - you can choose to dance. And, you get to lead." - Dr. Morris Massey.  Learn how to deal with stress and day-to-day real world challenges.

  • Darius Goes West

    Darius Goes West


    Fifteen-year-old Darius Weems, who has muscular dystrophy, and eleven of his best friends set out on a cross-country road trip to raise money to find a cure for his disease.

  • Dating Dilemmas (Do the Right Thing)

    Dating Dilemmas (Do the Right Thing)

    The Dating Dilemmas (Do the Right Thing) training program includes discussion of issues, difficulties, and options to avoid conflicts.

  • De-Cluttering the Office

    De-Cluttering the Office

    The office is a disgraceful mess! Carol is on a mission to de-clutter the office to make sure it’s cleaner, more motivating, safer and more secure.

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers

    Dealing with Difficult Customers

    The Dealing with Difficult Customers training program highlights the patience and diplomacy skills at the heart of good customer service.

  • Dealing With Diversity

    Dealing With Diversity

    The Dealing With Diversity training program deals with the diverse cultures found in the work place and the way different races are treated.

  • Dealing with the Irate Customer

    Dealing with the Irate Customer

    Angry customers hurt your company's image, disrupt your workday, and cost your company business. Turn angry customers into satisfied customers.

  • Dealing With Third Parties

    Dealing With Third Parties

    Help sharpen the "eyes and ears" that know, detect, and report the red flags - give your employees a basic guide to recognizing third-party corruption.

  • Dealing With Violent Subjects

    Dealing With Violent Subjects

    The Dealing With Violent Subjects training program explains the important and proper deployment of less than lethal weapons.

  • Decision Exercises

    Decision Exercises

    Dramatic vignettes illustrate twenty-one problem situations correctional officers face in their daily encounters with inmates.

  • Defeating Unconscious Bias

    Defeating Unconscious Bias

    5 Strategies
    Designed to address the hidden biases that can affect hiring, promoting and team building and that challenge your ability to create an inclusive workplace.

  • Defrauding the Elderly: Preventing Bunco Schemes

    Defrauding the Elderly: Preventing Bunco Schemes

    The Defrauding the Elderly: Preventing Bunco Schemes training program is a crime prevention video that demonstrates different bunco schemes used to defraud the elderly. This training video is meant to be viewed by elders with a discussion led by an investigator from a police agency, but can viewed as a stand alone informational video.

  • Demanding Customers

    Demanding Customers

    Dawn French

    This easy-to-follow program shows how easy it is to enrage and frustrate these demanding customers.

  • Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

    Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

    Dan Goleman

    Understand how our emotions are passed from one person to another almost like the common cold.

  • Developing Successful Mindsets

    Developing Successful Mindsets

    Steve’s negativity is now contagious, so watch as his coworkers and bosses try to help him create a more positive outlook.

  • Dialogue: Now You’re Talking - The Series

    Dialogue: Now You’re Talking - The Series

    This award winning series examines how we can surface the often unspoken assumptions, in ourselves and in others, that can stand in the way of effective organizational communication. X

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