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  • Another Meeting?

    Another Meeting?

    Federico Muchnik, writer/director

    Watch how a meeting that starts with mundane information can be transformed. This over-the-top video will motivate everyone to have better meetings – and you’ll laugh, too!

  • Anyone Can Be an Ally

    Anyone Can Be an Ally

    Brian McNaught

    Speaking Up for an LGBT Inclusive Workplace
    When people don't feel safe and valued at work, organizations fail in their efforts to attract and retain the best talent.

  • Apologizing Carefully

    Apologizing Carefully

    Apologize when you have done something wrong. It clears the air so everyone can move forward.

  • Appreciating Diversity

    Appreciating Diversity

    Our world is interesting and diverse. Diversity brings new perspectives. 

  • Are You Listening, Jim?

    Are You Listening, Jim?

    The overall message is simple; hearing loss is permanent but preventable and everyone needs to take care of their hearing any time they are exposed to high levels of noise. 

  • Are You With Me?

    Are You With Me?

    Through a series of humorous vignettes, you will learn the basics of telephone courtesy. From making calls, leaving messages, and putting people on hold, Are You With Me? connects all the rules of telephone courtesy to a single, easy-to-remember concept.

  • Armed Confrontation: Non-Dynamic or Dynamic Response

    Armed Confrontation: Non-Dynamic or Dynamic Response

    What makes an armed confrontation non-dynamic or dynamic? Can a situation suddenly change? The Armed Confrontation training video explains what action to take in these highly charged and dangerous situations.

  • ART of Customer Service

    ART of Customer Service

    This customer service video offers fun and easy-to-remember guidelines to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Art of Networking

    Art of Networking

    Whether it’s leveraging your network, planting psychological "seeds", establishing new contacts, winning over your team or negotiating deals around the board table, The Art of Networking will provide a toolbox of innovative tools.

  • Art of Possibility Series

    Art of Possibility Series

    Benjamin Zander

    with Ben and Roz Zander
    The Art of Possibility Series contains the top selling Ben Zander training programs Leadership: The Art of Possibility and Attitude: Radiating Possibility.

  • Ask For The Order

    Ask For The Order

    Learn skills for closing the sale in this detailed sales training package.

  • Assaults by Moving Vehicles

    Assaults by Moving Vehicles

    Tactics for dealing with suspects using their vehicles as weapons to attack you, including what has proven not to work.

  • Attitude Is Everything

    Attitude Is Everything

    Part of the Just A Call Away Series on telephone skills.
    Even over the telephone, the person at the other end of the line can see your attitude - and attitude counts for everything!

  • Attitude Is...

    Attitude Is...

    Attitude. A little thing makes a big difference in your life AND career.

  • Attitude Virus

    Attitude Virus

    Curing Negativity in the Workplace
    With the Attitude Virus training program, viewers learn to identify the seven most common attitude virus carriers and how to inoculate themselves and your organization against them.

  • Attitude: Radiating Possibility

    Attitude: Radiating Possibility

    Benjamin Zander

    Ben Zander, in his best selling video is the renowed Philharmonic Orchestra conductor takes you through a motivational presentation on improving your attitude, leadership and business.

  • Avoiding Attacks: Proper Demeanor

    Avoiding Attacks: Proper Demeanor

    A primary finding of the national survey on assault is that officers must respect the basic dignity of inmates, or risk assault.

  • Avoiding Attacks: Proper Techniques

    Avoiding Attacks: Proper Techniques

    This training program is the result of a nationwide study of assaults and dramatizes common tactical mistakes that result in officer injuries.

  • Avoiding Litigation Landmines

    Avoiding Litigation Landmines

    A Survival Guide for Managers
    The best way to defuse a lawsuit is not to get involved in one. And in a world where one in every five managers will become involved in litigation, you have to make sure you're not one of them.

  • Awesome!


    A unique, entertaining, and insightful view of Generation Y both from their own perspective and the perspective of older managers. X

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