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  • Muppets - Win! Win! Win!

    Muppets - Win! Win! Win!

    The Muppets

    Winning is everything when business gets down to business. In the crowd-rousing tradition of the MUPPET classic "Sell! Sell! Sell!" comes another triumphant message. A motivational closer that can’t be beat. A real winner!

  • MyQuickCoach


    MyQuickCoach brings you some of today's most distinguished business authors, consultants and speakers on a variety of business topics that are important to your career success.

  • Negotiating for Business Results

    Negotiating for Business Results

    Develop the skills necessary to help you become a successful negotiator while learning to enjoy the process.

  • Negotiating for Results

    Negotiating for Results

    A great negotiator shares the vision, and shows strength by being flexible.

  • Negotiating: Tying the Knot

    Negotiating: Tying the Knot

    A skill for life
    In business, as in life, negotiating a mutually beneficial deal is challenging. Give staff at all levels the skills to achieve an equitable outcome to any negotiation.

  • Negotiation: Myths, Misperceptions and Damned Lies

    Negotiation: Myths, Misperceptions and Damned Lies

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Margaret Neale Professor of Organizations and Dispute Resolution, Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems

    Negotiations: Solving the Tough Problems

    The Negotiations Solving the Tough Problems training program will increase not only your comfort level with negotiations but it will also increase your overall effectiveness as a negotiator.

  • Never Give Up!

    Never Give Up!

    In the Never Give Up! training program, a deputy who is shot on a traffic stop talks about how he survived.

  • No Complaints? Complaints and Quality Management

    No Complaints? Complaints and Quality Management

    Quality Through Customer Service
    No Complaints Complaints and Quality Management will demonstrate the value of addressing the causes of customer complaints to improve the quality process.

  • No Complaints? Complaints and the Customer

    No Complaints? Complaints and the Customer

    Research shows that one in ten transactions ends in a complaint, yet these same complaints happen again and again. No Complaints will ensure people learn how to handle complaints and help prevent them from recurring in the future.

  • No Injury, No Accident 2nd Edition

    No Injury, No Accident 2nd Edition

    There's a lot more to a successful safety program than logging man hours without an accident. It's all about developing safety attitudes.

  • No!....Basta Ya De Acosame (No!...Stop Harassing Me)

    No!....Basta Ya De Acosame (No!...Stop Harassing Me)

    This is the premier spanish video training package (no dubbing). It covers the topics of illegal discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment and preventative steps available to all employers and managers.

  • Not Another Meeting!

    Not Another Meeting!

    Loretta Laroche

    Have you ever felt that the meeting you're heading into is out of a monster movie from the 1930s? Laugh as you watch this humorous meeting video on... meetings!  Boost your attitude. 

  • Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

    Not Everyone Gets a Trophy

    Bruce Tulgan

    Not Everyone Gets a Trophy is a wise and humorous look at the challenges of training and managing the new young and talented generation of employees -
    Generation Y.

  • Nurturing Leadership

    Nurturing Leadership

    Many modern-day or historical capsules of leadership bring to life the concept of developing the traits to become a leader.

  • Off Duty Dangers

    Off Duty Dangers

    Many officers are killed by taking risks - necessary or unnecessary - while off duty. The program discourages off-duty investigations and acts of heroism, and suggests that the best role to take is that of a good witness.

  • Off Duty Survival

    Off Duty Survival

    The Off Duty Survival training program addresses the problems and limitations that jeopardize off duty survival by analyzing actual incidents that cost officers their lives.

  • Office Ergonomic Task Analysis

    Office Ergonomic Task Analysis

    Guide your office, step-by-step, through identifying and analyzing the stress-causing conditions and bad habits that lead to discomfort and injuries. 

  • Office Safety: It’s A Jungle In There Toolkit

    Office Safety: It’s A Jungle In There Toolkit

    Office Safety It’s A Jungle In There covers the hidden and subtle dangers of working in an office, as well as preventing injury, controlling danger and formulating emergency plans.

  • Officer Safety Refresher

    Officer Safety Refresher

    Many officers are injured or killed each year because they deviated from basic safety tactics. This program shows that following safety procedures at all times is a matter of life and death. X

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