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  • Service with Soul

    Service with Soul

    Tom Peters

    In this program, Tom Peters shows you five extraordinary organizations that define the cutting edge of customer service.

  • Thriving On Chaos

    Thriving On Chaos

    Tom Peters

    Tom Peters presents millennial change in the global business world with this three part case study format video series.

  • Succeeding in a Changing World
    • CC

    Succeeding in a Changing World

    John P. Kotter

    Award-winning author and Harvard Business School professor John Kotter helps you understand change - and gives you the steps on how to succeed in a changing world.

  • Victor Kiam: A Case Study in Leadership & Innovation

    Victor Kiam: A Case Study in Leadership & Innovation

    Victor Kiam

    Victor Kiam has been known around the world through his legendary advertising campaign as the man “who liked Remington Shaver so much he bought the company" shares his leadership ideas and turnaround strategies. X

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