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  • Blue Eyed
    • 1995

    Blue Eyed

    Jane Elliott

    Jane Elliott's racism awareness exercise shocked the nation with its demonstration of discrimination & introduced diversity training in 1968. Now, she has brought her "blue-eyed brown/eyed" exercise to corporations.

  • Business Chronicle Series

    Business Chronicle Series

    Learn from some of America's leading companies.  Business Chronicle combines documentary case study footage with insightful commentary to guide you through the principles of excellence at work.

  • File 102: Creating World Class Customer Service

    File 102: Creating World Class Customer Service

    What does Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods Market and USAA Insurance have in common? They have all achieved world-class customer service. How have they done it?

  • Four Weeks in May
    • CC

    Four Weeks in May

    Danica Patrick

    Indy 500 racer Danica Patrick and team leader Bobby Rahal show how to achieve team success in this motivational two-part training program. Watch the team at work and see how to build a top performing team.

  • I’ll Be Back!
    • CC

    I’ll Be Back!

    Bob Farrell

    Opening over 150 restaurants without a single failure, including the enormously popular Farrells Ice Cream Parlor of the 1970’s, Farrell is a master of serving the customer.

  • L.L. Bean, A Commitment to Customer Service
    • 1991

    L.L. Bean, A Commitment to Customer Service

    This once-small hunting supply business was founded with a simple philosophy based on honesty and courtesy.  Today, L.L. Bean's name is synonymous with customer service.  You will see how they make the customer king.

  • Service Heroes: Customer Service Turnaround

    Service Heroes: Customer Service Turnaround

    Baptist Health Care is a leader in customer satisfaction. But a decade ago, it was a different story. Learn how this healthcare organization became a leader in service and a model for employee satisfaction!

  • Top Performer

    Top Performer

    Carr Hagerman

    A Bold Approach to Sales and Service
    Top Performer introduces the power of Natural Energy and how the wisdom of street performers can help you and your company or organization. X

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