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  • 30 Ways to Make More Time

    30 Ways to Make More Time

    Managing Your Time Effectively
    Most people may think they are efficient. But unless they know how to manage their time, it’s unlikely they will ever be fully effective.

  • A Clear Picture - Harassment In The Public Sector
    • 2008

    A Clear Picture - Harassment In The Public Sector

    This program provides instruction on harassment prevention and deals with issues like the No Fear Act and the Reasonable Person Standard, which are specific to the public sector.

  • Abilene Paradox
    • CC

    Abilene Paradox

    Leaders must make it safe for people to speak up if they think the team is headed in the wrong direction. This all-time bestseller drives home a powerful message about the importance of getting everyone’s honest opinion.

  • Actions and Attitudes

    Actions and Attitudes

    Providing Extraordinary Customer Service
    The biggest advantage one organization can have over another is its employees. This program offers participants an opportunity to develop their customer service and selling techniques.

  • Actions Speak
    • 2011

    Actions Speak

    Behavior-based Interviewing
    Author, Dr Paul Green and Producer/Director, Art Bauer, have re-teamed to produce a fresh and entertaining approach to behavior-based interviewing.

  • An Inside Job:  Meeting Internal Customer Needs

    An Inside Job: Meeting Internal Customer Needs

    To demonstrate why and how people across a customer-facing organization must put internal customer care into practice.

  • Another Look
    • 2006

    Another Look

    Defining Respect in Healthcare
    Help all employees experience, first hand, the critical role respect plays in ensuring compassionate and effective healthcare!

  • Beyond Words -  Hiring and Interviewing

    Beyond Words - Hiring and Interviewing

    3 Part Series
    Applicants can give good answers but their body language may convey doubt or deception. Learn the nonverbal body cues that can help anyone make a more informed hiring decision!

  • Beyond Words - For Managers
    • 2008

    Beyond Words - For Managers

    Managing employees successfully requires effective communication and interpersonal skills that go beyond the ordinary.

  • Beyond Words for Healthcare

    Beyond Words for Healthcare

    A Body Language Guide for Healthcare Professionals In this program, you will understand the key body language cues that communicate proper bedside manners while still maintaining business efficiency.

  • Beyond Words: Customer Service and Sales Series

    Beyond Words: Customer Service and Sales Series

    Are you ready to take your organization to the next level of sales and customer service? Learn to go BEYOND WORDS and communicate more effectively with every customer by having deeper understanding of nonverbal communication.

  • Building Employee Morale - Missed Opportunities
    • 2009

    Building Employee Morale - Missed Opportunities

    At first glance, this may seem like a training video about customer service; don’t let the setting fool you, this scene was written to make points regarding managing people that every manager and every leader needs to hear.

  • Building Your Team
    • 2002

    Building Your Team

    Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring
    Great teams don't just happen - they are carefully crafted over time. This program presents the simple techniques you can use anywhere to meet new recruits and get them interested in joining your team.

  • But I Don't Have Customers
    • 1995

    But I Don't Have Customers

    But I Don't Have Customers! can help your employees learn to value each other, which results in increased performance throughout your entire organization. Business and Government versions available.

  • Care and Candor
    • 2007

    Care and Candor

    Making Performance Appraisals Work
    This program demonstrates the importance of making a caring attitude and honest feedback the foundation of the appraisal meeting in in order to achieve the best results.

  • Clarity Imperative

    Clarity Imperative

    Improve morale, reduce turnover and strengthen your organization's brand with this video that shows the importance of consistent messaging and how it translates to improved results.

  • Coach the S.A.L.E. for Sales Managers

    Coach the S.A.L.E. for Sales Managers

    A part of The SALE Series, Coach the SALE for Sales Managers introduces the multiple roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills required of an effective sales manager.

  • Communication Breakdown

    Communication Breakdown

    Communication problems can have a devastating role in undermining our success. Equip your employees to prevent a Communication Breakdown at work!

  • Communication Counts
    • 2012

    Communication Counts

    The cost associated with poor workplace communication is staggering. 70% of small- to mid-sized businesses claim that ineffective communication is their primary problem.

  • Conflicts in the Workplace
    • CC

    Conflicts in the Workplace

    There will always be conflict. The secret is learning to manage it successfully. Doing so empowers you to take control of your life—and career. X

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