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  • Integrity Every Day
    • 2007

    Integrity Every Day

    Real Choices. Right Decisions.
    Promoting Ethical Conduct, quality, and excellence - Specifically for Healthcare Professionals

  • Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace
    • 2007

    Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace

    Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace Recognize. Respond. Resolve. The strongest weapon you have in preventing retaliation in your workplace is training your employees.

  • Managing Me
    • 2008
    • CC

    Managing Me

    The key to managing other people is learning how to manage you. As the leader of any group, problems are inevitable. So…how do you react? Do you lead with your gut…or your head?

  • Moment of Truth
    • 2008

    Moment of Truth

    Life doesn’t come with a pause button. Ethical dilemmas demand instant clarity. Address this problem head-on by giving employees a practical guide for making better decisions.

  • A Clear Picture - Harassment In The Public Sector
    • 2008

    A Clear Picture - Harassment In The Public Sector

    This program provides instruction on harassment prevention and deals with issues like the No Fear Act and the Reasonable Person Standard, which are specific to the public sector.

  • The Four Styles
    • 2008

    The Four Styles

    Do you want to be a better communicator? You’re not alone if you’ve ever had a tough time getting through to someone. One of the biggest problems in business today is getting along with and communicating with others.

  • Drop by Drop
    • 2008

    Drop by Drop

    Don't let tiny prejudices destroy your organization!
    Drop by Drop demonstrates how the small slights, subtle discriminations and tiny injustices can add up to big problems in your workplace!

  • Beyond Words - For Managers
    • 2008

    Beyond Words - For Managers

    Managing employees successfully requires effective communication and interpersonal skills that go beyond the ordinary.

  • Wide Eyed
    • 2008

    Wide Eyed

    Jane Elliott

    New film featuring Jane Elliot from Blue Eyed
    In 1968, in response to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a third grade teacher, Ms. Jane Elliott, involved her students in an exercise in discrimination based on eye color.

  • Ready. Set. CHANGE!
    • 2008

    Ready. Set. CHANGE!

    Reacting Smarter. Adapting Faster. Engaging Together.
    As organizations change with increasing speed, so does the pace in which employees must respond. Employees need the skills to react, adapt, and engage together.

  • INVISIBLE Meeting
    • 2009
    • CC

    INVISIBLE Meeting

    How productive was your last conference call?
    As travel costs rise and budgets shrink, conference calls are rapidly replacing face-to-face meetings. Many people have not learned the skills needed to make this type of meeting effective.

  • Feed Forward with Marshall Goldsmith
    • 2009

    Feed Forward with Marshall Goldsmith

    Marshall Goldsmith

    Coaching for Your Future
    Feedback is much like the arrow on a shopping mall map that says "You Are Here." It tells you where you are but it doesn't tell you where you want to be.

  • Ouch! Series
    • 2009
    • CC

    Ouch! Series

    New Series!
    WARNING! OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts & Ouch! Your Silence Hurts will start conversations that are not always comfortable... but are critically important!

  • Building Employee Morale - Missed Opportunities
    • 2009

    Building Employee Morale - Missed Opportunities

    At first glance, this may seem like a training video about customer service; don’t let the setting fool you, this scene was written to make points regarding managing people that every manager and every leader needs to hear.

  • Actions Speak
    • 2011

    Actions Speak

    Behavior-based Interviewing
    Author, Dr Paul Green and Producer/Director, Art Bauer, have re-teamed to produce a fresh and entertaining approach to behavior-based interviewing.

  • Creating Positive Impressions
    • 2012

    Creating Positive Impressions

    The Creating Positive Impressions training program looks at how people conduct themselves when greeting clients, working together, body language and how to conduct yourself when making a first impression.

  • Overcoming Disempowerment
    • 2012

    Overcoming Disempowerment

    Michael is upset about Carol’s bullying, and Marcus tries to inspire her to lead.

  • Communication Counts
    • 2012

    Communication Counts

    The cost associated with poor workplace communication is staggering. 70% of small- to mid-sized businesses claim that ineffective communication is their primary problem.

  • Customer Service Counts
    • 2013
    • CC

    Customer Service Counts

    This program uses humor to show employees that being good at customer service and taking pride in their work is not only a job requirement, but can be personally satisfying as well.

  • Customer Service: The Telephone Connection
    • 2013
    • CC

    Customer Service: The Telephone Connection

    Excellent telephone customer service doesn't just happen. It requires dedication, skill—and enthusiasm. X

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